About Me

Hi, I’m Starr Brown!

I am a junior majoring in Journalism and minoring in Social and Interactive Media at Oakland University.

I also founded a campus magazine and club, Gold Magazine, that all students on campus can write for to voice their opinion. The magazine focuses on campus life, student fashion, and entertainment trends. In its first year of operation, the club published two issues as well as worked on developing the brand.

With my passion for writing and sharing about my interests, I have founded her own blog (right here) and YouTube channel. Here I can share anything on my mind, current interests, personal achievements, goals, and stories, as well as advice for other college students and resident assistants. This has also helped me discover and learn more about social media.

My love for music that was founded at a young age and has never stopped growing. From attending concerts, abusing my Apple Music subscription and collecting vinyl – music has become a main focus in my life. This is pushing me towards a career focusing in social media in the music industry.

Upon graduating with my B.A in journalism, I plan to move to Detroit or Chicago and work along side growing artists to develop their social media presence and fan base. Social media has created a fangirl culture that is not being used to its fullest potential by record labels and management. With my knowledge of fans, skills in social media and dedication fangirl culture, I hope to change this.

I also hope to keep freelance writing about music. Writing for Indie Band Guru, Conversations About Her, We Plug Good Music and on here has cemented my passion for talking about music. These platforms have allowed me to grow as a writer and lover of music. I’ve also been grateful for the opportunities these have allowed me to have within the industry.

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