(Photo Credit: Medium, Akili Dada) BY STARR BROWN, KATELYN BURNSFIELD AND TREVOR TYLE Brownkey Abdullahi may seem like your ordinary African refugee, but in reality, she’s a blog posting pioneer in the world’s largest refugee camp. At 25 years old, Abdullahi proudly hails from her Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya as its first female blogger. Since … Read More

Exercise 5

Before Questions What comprises the Middle East region? Locate Israel, West Bank, and the Gaza strip on a map. What is the population in these areas? – 218 million people What is your understanding of the Middle East situation? From where do you get most of your information about it? – I know very basic … Read More

Is The Selfie Epidemic Really A Bad Thing?

It’s become so easy for older generations to drag millennials for our avocado toast and selfie obsessions while pointing out that we’re killing chain restaurants and unable to buy houses.  But is our obsession with selfies really a bad thing. Today, unlike even a decade ago, it’s so easy to take out a camera and document a moment. Ever … Read More

The World Of Reddit

I’ve always had a hard time comprehending the world of Reddit. I never understood why you’d want to pretend to be someone you’re not online, post things you probably don’t want to be attached to IRL, say things you’ll regret in a few years, maybe even post things that are illegal. I never thought that’s … Read More

Reporting On Mental Health Reflection

The island on Second Life was an interesting immersion of a few symptoms of schizophrenia. I found the voice hallucinations one of the more interesting parts as I knew those who have schizophrenia can have these but never understood truly how it sounded or felt like. Having known about the disorder and that it truly … Read More

Under Our Skin Reflection

The Under Our Skin project from The Seattle Times has been something I’ve seen a few segments from before. However, exploring this project in more depth than the previous time I interacted, I was able to get so much more out of it During housing training for my position as a resident assistant this last … Read More

A Long And Sordid History

A Long And Sordid History

A Long and Sordid History comes from Tumblr user Anarchy And A Cup Of Coffee and can’t be traced back further as there is no link to the original posting of the cartoon. The cartoon shows three panels, each has a black man is kneeling or sitting and a white man is telling him to … Read More

Check Your Privilege

Growing up white, you never really think about how the color of your skin effects your place in the world. We’re taught that racism is bad and slavery happened decades ago, but it’s still happening. We’re never taught that being white gives us opportunity just because of the color of our skin. I didn’t realize … Read More

Representation At Music Festivals

Representation At Music Festivals

‘Tis the season for summer music festival lines-ups to be announced. And with festival announcements comes criticism about representation of women, people of color and LGBT+ identities. Each year festivals continue to place mainly CIS male acts on their lineups, seemingly forgetting about other identities that have just as great music. This week the British … Read More

The Digital Divide

Have you ever stopped to think about why your grandparents and parents always ask you tech related questions, or why they struggle to just Google something? There are even students across the US that also don’t have access to technology in classrooms- things most of us took for granted. The digital divide is defined as “the … Read More