Check Your Privilege

Growing up white, you never really think about how the color of your skin effects your place in the world. We’re taught that racism is bad and slavery happened decades ago, but it’s still happening. We’re never taught that being white gives us opportunity just because of the color of our skin.

I didn’t realize my privilege of being white until diversity training during resident assistant training my sophomore year of college. I had gone through 19 years of my life never knowing that just because I’m white, I’ve been given more chances, I can be seen as a better candidate for jobs, I’m given more access to education; the list goes on and one.

Ever since that day, I’ve continuously tried to be more aware of it. I notice the lack of diversity in the various jobs I’ve had so far throughout college. I’ve been more conscious in noticing that most of the music on the radio is from white, typically straight, CIS gender artists. I’ve noticed the difference in treatment and punishment between white and black people on trial.

And while I’ve been aware of the world around me and the difference of treatment to people of color, I can’t pretend like I’ve done anything about it. Besides being more conscious in bring up issues to my friend groups and making sure my family checks the racist things they say, I’m unsure of how to use this privilege to change the unfairness surrounding it.

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