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It’s hard to find new music that feels like the band is inventing something different with their sound. Violet Night is doing just this with their unique mix of alternative and indie. Connor Pohl (vocals/guitar) and T.J. Rounthwaite (keyboard) are just two dudes making music that sounds as diverse as the landscapes that color their hometowns in Canada.  

Getting ready to release their debut album May 4th, Colours Of You, Pohl and Rounthwaite are constructing an album where no two tracks sound the same. Using their music to construct emotion, Colours Of You takes listeners through a ten-song journey.

“It’s meant to be listened to from front to back. As cliché as it sounds, expect the unexpected; no two songs are alike,” shares Pohl. “That’s part of the reason that we want everyone to listen to it as a whole package.”

Many artists today are focusing on tracks individually, not how they piece together in an entire album. Albums are meant to tell stories. They’re meant to transport you into the artist’s world. This is exactly what Violet Night are creating with Colours Of You.

“With so many different shades, just listening to a bit of it would not give the full picture. Compare it to a painting: if you look at one given section, chances are there are a lot of similar hues when it’s constrained but overall it could be a rainbow,” said Pohl. “Can you imagine you only looked at the yellow ribbon? You’d think it was a painting of Barney or something!”

Pohl and Rounthwaite grew up listening to a huge variety of music. From heavy metal and rap to emo and pop, their diverse interests in genres shine through to their music. This diverse mosaic of influences inspires each individual track across Colours Of You.

“We try to mix all of our influences to result in, what we hope is, a very distinct sound. It’s a conglomeration of everything we were passionate about while writing and in the studio,” shares Pohl. “These passions are ever-changing and so our sound will probably do the same, but the core of what is Violet Night will always remain.”

With three songs out ahead of the album, Violet Night is slowly showing how this album will come together as a whole.

“Certain songs would be more inspired by bands like Coldplay and Joy Division, whereas others may sound more akin to Chvrches or The Killers,” said Pohl.

“North” is the darkest of the three. The cascading piano riffs combined with the harsh electric guitar emphasize the feeling and emotion hidden in the lyrics.

““North” was an easy choice because, even when we were writing it way back when, there was this sense of, ‘Oh man, this is going to be really good when it’s done,’” shares Pohl. “Personally, I really love how it combines an emo/hip-hop/rock vibe. It’s got the marriage between groove and passion.

Second up is “Young Guns.” The pop-punk sounding track is on the opposite side of the spectrum from “North.” Driven chords and drumming that doesn’t hold back, the track is as carefree as the lyrics suggest.

“We don’t ever want people to pigeonhole us into a certain sound because it will always take on different shapes (or colours!) depending on what is feeding our creative fire at any given time,” said Pohl. “This song was a relatively straightforward pop-punk/rock song, compared to the fusion of more disparate genres we went for with “North.”

Recently released was “Where We Began.” Even more pop than “Young Guns,” the lyrics don’t fit the upbeat mood the track portrays. Featuring everything from piano to incredibly happy sounding guitar, and a tambourine, “Where We Began” continues the trend of Violet Night not letting you expect anything from them.

“The song is catchier than either of the previous singles but maintains their energy and drive. There are a lot of poppy songs on the album, but a lot of them fall on the more contemplative side than this, which is musically made for driving around in the summer with the windows down,” said Pohl. “We tried to capture this vibe in the video, which we actually just got the final edit for. The lyrics aren’t as cheerful, but that’s a different story…”

Working with producer and friend Randor Lin, he is practically the third member of Violet Night. Lin is an important part of the band’s music, helping them dig through every track they wrote for the album.

“Our new single, “Where We Began,” actually almost didn’t make the album,” said Pohl. “It was the second last day in the studio when he heard that demo and asked what it was and why we hadn’t recorded it. If it weren’t for him, the almost-unanimous favourite track wouldn’t have come to life and lived up to its potential. He’s got an ear for that!”

Both Pohl and Rounthwaite worked to write for Colours Of You and ended up with 30 songs to pick from. The natural chemistry the duo possesses shines clearly in their music and writing.

“We always have an excess of ideas and songs. We consider it a blessing, though, definitely not a curse!” shares Pohl.

Colours Of You is out May 4th and Violet Night will be out touring and promoting the album as much as possible.

When asked what track he can’t wait for fans to hear, Pohl laughed:

“Well, considering “North,” “Young Guns” and “Where We Began” are already out, I’ll say “Choir of Your Mind,” “Lions,” “Secrets,” “In the Night,” “Depths”… actually, I’m just going to say the entire record. You’re supposed to listen to it as a whole, remember?!”

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