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Bands that put their absolute all into their music seem to be harder and harder to find in a generation of SoundCloud rappers and countless bands trying to make it big. However, if you’re looking for a band that embodies a true DIY spirit and undeniable passion for music, look no further than Stacked Like Pancakes.

For a band that set out to make music like Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto and Less Than Jake over a decade ago, Stacked Like Pancakes are now breaking genre boundaries and bending the norms of the music industry. Currently working to fund their third studio album, Strange Creatures, they’re putting their trust into the hands of their collective record label- their fans.

“Our fans are the greatest record label in the world!” said frontman Kellen McKay. Since the campaign launched February 28, $35,000 has been raised from 400 backers. “We have full faith that our fans will join us in bringing this album to life.”

Their Kickstarter campaign shows how invested Stacked Like Pancakes fans can be. For as little as $10 fans can pre-order their third studio album, Strange Creatures, on both digital download and CD. Depending on how much you’re able to contribute, rewards go up from there. From a vinyl version of the album and exclusive merchandise to your name in the album credits or the ability to have your vocals on the album, there are rewards for every price point along the way.

For the truly dedicated Stacked Like Pancakes fan, the titanium package is full of insane perks, and it’s already sold out once. Not only are you able to watch in on a recording session or receive autographed copies of their first two albums, We’re Not Insane (2011) and THIS IS US (2015), you get VIP treatment at a show.

“I think there are a couple left now if anybody wants to snag one,” said Kellen. “It includes FREE ADMISSION to shows FOR LIFE.”

Stacked Like Pancakes are also getting ready to head out on part one of their Strange Creatures Preview Tour.

“We are so pumped to be making this tour a really solid preview tour,” said Kellen. “We will be playing four brand new songs the whole tour.”

The band will travel through April working to secure the last bit of funding for the Kickstarter and previewing what fans will hear on Strange Creatures.

Fans should get excited about Strange Creatures. As their third album, it’s the logical growth that any band has, packaged together with insane horn lines and a new production quality thanks to Matt Squire.

The producer that’s worked with greats such as Panic! At The Disco, One Direction, 3OH!3, Kesha, Good Charlotte and more, Squire is a force to be reckoned with in the studio.

“I mean, the fact alone that he produced the breakout debut Panic! at the Disco album is enough for me. But of course, it’s also hugely beneficial that he’s a super down-to-earth guy,” said Kellen.

Squire wants what’s best for each artists music. Whether It’s A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out or Strange Creatures, his knowledge and experience always strive for nothing but the best.

“Matt is also very critical and will force you to give him your best performance, which is exactly what you want from a producer,” said Kellen. “I know that he loves these new songs and he said he can feel the maturity in the songwriting itself, but he can contribute to enabling our sound to tap into the mainstream.”

Squire and Kellen have been working together on what Strange Creature and Stacked Like Pancakes can strive to be. While the music is important, a great producer can really take that sound to the next level.

“He is equally passionate about our music and this album as we are,” said Kellen.

As for what’s next from Stacked Like Pancakes, this band is always planning something. Kicking off part one of their tour soon, they’re already planning for part two later this summer getting out to more of the country and spreading the world about Strange Creatures.

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