One Direction – Where We Are Detroit Review

One Direction in 2014 embarked on their Where We Are world tour with their opening act (and another one of my personal favorites) 5 Seconds of Summer. This is the story of the first time I saw both these band live.March 2014 my friend Radvile and I both got our first jobs and at 4am I found out tickets to see One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer at Ford Field in Detroit were only about $150 for lower bowl seating. So what did we do? We bought the tickets before we even received our first pay checks thanks to her mom’s credit card.

Also keep in mind that when One Direction announced they were touring with 5 Seconds of Summer I was in Panera Bread with my high school bowling team and I actually screamed and dropped my phone.IMG_4458


So 5 months later it’s finally the day of the concert. After two long weeks of marching band camp, terrible tan lines, and bad sun burns we jumped in the car after a quick post-rehearsal shower and headed to Detroit.

Now, from Grand Rapids to Detroit usually only takes about 3 hours with bathroom breaks and loading three buses full of high school marching band students. But no, it took us over 5 hours to actually be headed into Ford Field.

The highway that takes you pretty much from Grand Rapids to Detroit was under major construction. Like we were stopped for like half and hour after a slow crawl. And this was after we had to go back to Radvile’s house because she forgot our tickets.

One confusing direction filled phone call to my Dad later we were trying to get out of the traffic by making it to one of those things police officers sit in to catch people speeding to turn around and off the highway. Then we were on this back way all the way through Lansing, pretty much the half way point between Grand Rapids and Detroit.

Once we get to the exit for Ford Field it took up almost TWO HOURS to get off. We were not even parking at the stadium because we didn’t have the pass to do so but we stupidly sat there and didn’t keep going and get off at the next exit.


So we get into Ford Field and go straight for the bathrooms because we’d been in the car for like 4 hours and made it to our seats like 15 minutes before 5 Seconds of Summer are set to go on. And of course I’m freaking out that we’re going to miss them because I needed to see their whole set.

Just after 7:00 they finally come on. And the slayed my existence.

But here’s the best part of this whole concert. They were playing She Looks So Perfect (their biggest hit at the time) and they do this jump when the preform it live. I was so pumped for this jump that when they did it I pretty much died and fell into my chair so hard from excitement that I broke it.

Yes, I broke my chair at Ford FielIMG_4470.JPGd. This screw came out of the chair. And logically I start swearing because I broke the chair and didn’t know what to do and the mom of the 10 year old in front of me was so done with me. But, yes I kept the screw because that’s all you needed to know from this and the chair is still missing a screw.

Then there’s this hour wait for the crew to change the set and sound check for One Direction. There were music videos playing and everyone was singing and dancing along.

My favorite thing was the played the Macarena (you know the song and the dance trust me) and EVERYONE was doing the dance along with it. Like all 77,000 people were doing the dance and it made me laugh because that’s so many people doing this dance that I learned in 5th grade PE.

Finally the dumb safety video plays and the into video starts and of course I’m losing my shit. Like it wouldn’t be a One Direction show if I didn’t think I was going to have heart

This was the stadium during Little Things, all the lights make it look so pretty!


I honestly probably blacked out at some point because I remember the concert happening but I don’t remember like exactly what happened any more and that makes me upset. But I uploaded a video talking about the concert and the experience a week or so after it happened so you should watch that!

Have you had something similar to breaking a chair mid set? I’d love to hear about your concert experiences in the comments!


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