The World Of Reddit

I’ve always had a hard time comprehending the world of Reddit. I never understood why you’d want to pretend to be someone you’re not online, post things you probably don’t want to be attached to IRL, say things you’ll regret in a few years, maybe even post things that are illegal. I never thought that’s what people wanted to do on the internet.

Places like Reddit still, in a weird way, scare me still to this day. I can say that I’ve never stepped my internet foot onto Besides being a place where memes go to die, to me, Reddit has always been this dark hole where you never know what you’re going to find, plus full of confusing threads.

Reading about the “unmasking” of one of Reddit’s biggest contributors, moderators, and dare I say influencers, I learned more about the dark whole Reddit is.

As someone who’s been an avid  Twitter user for far too long and Tumblr for almost a decade, I understand the thrill of no one knowing your identity and feeling free to post whatever you want. However, I used that freedom to obsess over One Directions and not get bullied in high school, not post controversial things. The freedoms that come from hiding behind a username that describes almost nothing about you gives you this new identity that you can build up from scratch- but it’s usually a reflection of yourself- just the uncensored version of you.

The way Violentacrez used Reddit and internet anonymity is scary. There are people out there running threads that are controversial and borderline illegal. The idea that he was using countless hours of his time dedicated to posting and monitoring threads about teenage girls is a scary reality. It makes you wonder just how many internets creeps there are really out there that 7th-grade assemblies warned you about.

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