My Travel Bucket List

So everyone has places they dream of going right? Well at least I hope so because I feel like I have a pretty decent sized list to be honest.  I want to travel the world so badly, it’s honestly not even funny.

Do you want to know where I want to travel? Need some spark or ideas maybe? This list is for you!

I also plan to write posts or vlog the adventures I go on as I cross these off so if you’re not following me and this list you’re going to miss out!

Germany – the entire country
Austria – the entire country
Switzerland – the entire country
Brussels, Belgium
Antwerp, Belgium
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Rome, Italy
Milan, Italy
Athens, Greece
Florence, Italy
Madrid, Spain
Dublin, Ireland
Liverpool, England (The Beatles ok!)
Manchester, England
London, England
Brighton, England
Glasgow, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland
Tokyo, Japan
Beijing, China
Perth, Australia
Adelaide, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Brisbane, Australia
New Zealand (probably Auckland but that whole country is amazing)

And if you haven’t checked it out make sure you look at my bucket list too!

Where’s your dream travel place if you could go ANYWHERE?


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