Under Our Skin Reflection

The Under Our Skin project from The Seattle Times has been something I’ve seen a few segments from before. However, exploring this project in more depth than the previous time I interacted, I was able to get so much more out of it

During housing training for my position as a resident assistant this last fall, the Oakland University Center for Multicultural Initiatives showed the Microaggressions and White Privilege videos while we were working to define those terms. This is one of the moments that my mind truly opened to explore more diversity-related issues.

After opening the project and watching the introduction, I first clicked on a term I hadn’t heard much about- white fragility. This term surprised me as I only had heard about white privilege before, never the expanded upon definition that white fragility really expands the idea. This term opened my eyes more as to the privilege and repercussions that comes with being white in a white-dominated world.

Exploring the All Lives Matter section was something I was a little hesitant to click on. Learning more and more about the Black Lives Matter movement has been a topic I’ve really been placing emphasis on learning more about and being sure to speak about it in correct ways and not diminish anything the movement is trying to accomplish. This video made me realize that the Black Lives Matter movement is inclusive of other people of color, something I hadn’t known before. Also hearing how white people typically say All Lives Matter to diminish the movements ideas really made me understand why it’s important to talk about the movement.

Safe space was one of the last terms I explored. I had heard of safe spaces before, and they’re being highly debated in the media, so I wanted to learn more about them and how they can be used. It was interesting the argument laid out that in a way, every space is a safe space if a safe space wants to listen to all viewpoints. However, seeing a safe space as a place to have open conversations to learn openly without judgment is important to me and the experience of learning about racism issues.

A newsroom setting out to open up the conversation and create a challenging and controversial dialogue is very important in today’s political climate.  These journalists who reflected on their newsroom’s conversations and grew a powerful project around those conversations goes to show how important reflection in journalism can be. As a journalist were faced with many conversations in a day. Stopping to reflect on those individual conversations can grow amazing story ideas and help create change.

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