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Concerts have been a major part of my 2017. While there were many more I wanted to go to, I still made it to a handful of concerts throughout the year. I spend so much money on concerts it’s probably unhealthy. This whole storing your credit card info in Ticketmaster is dangerous and promotes my lifestyle but I’m not mad at it.

This year it got to the point that my friends were never shocked that I was at or going to a concert. Like regularly my Snap and Insta stories were me at one. Shockingly no one unfollowed me after seeing Niall and me screaming in every single post of my 9 minute snapchat story durning Macklemore.

While you probably don’t want it (or maybe you do, idk your life), but here’s a recap of every concert I attended in 2017.

Dua Lipa @ The Shelter 2/25/2017

Dua Lipa blew up this year and I’m so glad I was able to see her before “New Rules” took off. I found her when she opened for Troye Sivan last November. I remember turning to my friend and saying that we HAVE to see her the next time she tours.

So when she announced that she would be touring the US of course, I bought tickets. She put on a killer live show even though her debut album wasn’t out at this point. I highly recommend that you see Dua the next time she comes to a city near you. She certainly blew my mind (MUAH) with the amount of energy she can put into every performance, every song and every lyric while dancing like no one is watching.

Looking back, I’m kicking myself for not writing up a blog post about this concert because it was killer.

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|| guarantee I can blow your mind ||

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Hey Violet @ The Shelter 3/20/2017

So we all know that I didn’t like Hey Violet the first time they toured with 5 Second of Summer in 2016 on ROWYSO. If you didn’t know this, I was so anti-Hey Violet the first time and I didn’t understand them. When I saw them open for 5SOS again on SLFL in 2017, “Brand New Moves,” “Fuqboi” (my anthem) and “Guys My Age” totally changed my mind.

This is another concert that I wish I wrote a whole blog post about because it was a great time. I skipped my RA staff meeting and was on duty 5 days in one week to go to this concert. Like it was that important to me. I really love this new sound that they have going on and it translates really well live.

I also threw my resume on stage at this concert hoping they would hire me. Spoiler alert, they didn’t but I’m still hopeful (if you’re reading this and you work for people hire me plz. I’m a good employee I promise). These girls in front of me were so funny with getting it up there and trying to get a crew member’s attention to grab it. They also tried to get one of the crew member’s numbers for me (low key sad that they didn’t succeed) and one added me on Snap so she could send me videos of him. This show was WILD fan wise.

Daya @ The Shelter 3/28/2017

Daya was one I was most excited to see live. I didn’t know what to expect from her show. Especially playing The Shelter because it’s the basement of St Andrews Hall and was the smallest venue she played on the entire tour.

She killed it.

Like I think I was dead when I left there because she has so much talent. She rocked the entire stage and made the sold-out crowd all feel valued. No matter where you were in that audience (and it was full of like 10-18-year-old girls) you were having a good time. Even the moms had a great time. That’s my favorite part about concerts, the atmosphere that is created where everyone can have fun no matter what’s happening in their life. So to all the moms and daughters, there were there, thanks for a great night.

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|| I don't want to sit still, look pretty || 👑

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CHON @ St Andrews Hall 6/13/2017

This was the first press concert I covered for Indie Band Guru and in my life. While the music wasn’t 100% my speed, it was still a great time. If you’re interested in instrumental rock, check out CHON as they were awesome live! And be sure to read my full recap of the night on Indie Band Guru.

AMP Live @ Freedom Hill 6/25/2017

AMP Live was put on by Detroit radio station 98.7 and probably the highlight of my summer. This line up had Noah Cyrus, Hey Violet, Niall Horan and Jon Bellion all on one stage, all in one night. Needless to say, I was hyped for Hey Violet and Niall Horan. This is also the same night I bought Jon Bellion tickets for later in the year.

If you haven’t read my whole recap on that day (it was wild) you’re missing out on my actual tears. Like I actually cried to the point this girl told me to wipe my tears before a picture.

Also, this trashcan in my new boyfriend and this picture got me a Tinder date.

Vans Warped Tour 2017 @ The Palace of Auburn Hills 7/21/2017

This was my first Warped Tour, which is shocking looking back on my life and music taste. This was one of those days where I didn’t know what I was walking into and I ended up having a great time. I went to this alone, rode in a Lyft and did press for Indie Band Guru.

I got to interview Anti-Flag, Stacked Like Pancakes, Barb Wire Dolls, Bad Omens and Valient Thorr, which were my first interviews not for a journalism class. Needless to say, I was nervous going into them but I think they all turned out really well. My interview with Stacked Like Pancakes was probably my favorite from the entire day because we talked for almost half an hour about music and life and it just felt so natural. This day really cemented that I want to work in music forever.

Sabrina Carpenter @ The Fillmore Detroit 8/12/2017

This was one of the shows that I just attended with my friend Radvile. We got the tickets for very cheap and were probably the only 20-somethings there.

Surrounded by 12-year-olds who are all fans of Sabrina’s Disney show, Radvile, her boyfriend and I stuck out like sore thumbs in the crowd.

She was a very good performer and I’ve actually been listening to her music since attending that show! Totally recommend checking her out live if you have a chance, she puts on a great show!

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The Fillmore is my favorite place to be

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Self Help Festival @ Freedom Hill 10/7/2017

Self Help was the first photography I’ve ever done. TBH I was terrified that day of what was going to be the outcome.

I attended the day-long festival for Indie Band Guru along with my friends Joe and Patrick. We also met a few of our drunk acquaintances there (one was wearing a ketchup costume) which made for a super interesting time.

I ended up only shooting Pierce The Veil, A Day To Remember and Rise Against (which are huge bands for it being my first time trying photography) with the camera I rented from my university. For having no knowledge or idea of what I was getting myself into, I personally think I ended up with a few decent shots!

This day really reconfirmed that I want to work in music for the rest of my life and also gave me some hearing loss from standing next to the stage (and a confetti cannon that went off) like an idiot! But, I’ll be sure to get some earplugs for 2018.

Plain White T’s @ MGM Grand 10/22/2017

Seeing the Plain White T’s wasn’t something I thought I would be doing, but in no way do I regret it.

I saw that they were playing randomly in Detroit while scrolling through Spotify, I saw the concert date thing pop up. Tickets were only like $25 for the back middle section of the small room in the MGM Grand so I impulse bought them and then texted my friend that we were going.

Showing up, everyone was like 35+ except for like 6 other teens who were just as ready to have a lit time as me and one 6-year-old named Deliah. Read the full experience here.

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|| Hey There Delilah what's it like in (Detroit) ||

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Jon Bellion @ The Fillmore Detroit 10/23/2017

Two concerts in two days was a first for me and my body severely hated me after that because I also had to write 3 papers in that time. Also waiting in the rain for two hours probably didn’t help.

This was the second time I saw Jon this year (see AMP live) and it was almost better than the first because I knew how great it was going to be. If you have a chance to see him the next time he tour, do so with no hesitation.

You just HAVE to read about the entire show. 

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Tonight I woke the f*ck up

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Macklemore @ The Fillmore Detroit 11/5/2017

So I worked the entire day before this show and had bronchitis still after the Jon Bellion plage that I got. I made the best of what I had and had the best experience at the sold-out show.

If you’ve never gone so hard to “Can’t Hold Us” and had an asthma attack, you’re honestly missing out (probably not). This is just another concert that I left and was like I HAVE to see him again. So hopefully you’ll catch me at his and Kesha’s tour summer 2018.

Waterparks @ St Andrews 11/24/2017

Besides dragging my friends to this, it was a great show. I had missed seeing Waterparks the like three times they’ve been in Detroit in three years, so I HAD to be at this show.

I fell head over heels in love with Chapel at this show and Sleep On It and Set It Off are great too! (I had heard of both the bands and knew their music so like please don’t come for me.) Every artist there that night was crazy talented!!

This was the second show I shot for Indie Band Guru and got to cover the entire thing as well.

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