5 Seconds of Summer – Rock Out With Your Socks Out Chicago


5 Seconds of Summer set off on their first heading world tour, and honestly I couldn’t be prouder. I’ve been a huge fan since early 2012 when I stumbled across their covers on YouTube. So seeing them on their first massive tour made me feel like a proud mom.

I went to see them at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Tinley Park, I mean it’s 45-ish minutes outside of the actual city of Chicago but like it’s not like four Aussies know that. I had lawn seats, so I wasn’t close to the stage at all but I loved where we were on the lawn because I could see the entire stage. One of my favorite parts of concerts is the overall show, so like the lights and screens and all of that stuff we all take for granted and don’t pay much attention to, I love it.

I’m not here today to talk much about Hey Violet, as I want to talk more about this show.

Honestly, 5SOS are full of energy on stage. Seeing them live is always such an amazing experience as you leave feeling like everything was preformed directly to you, even if you’re sitting way in the back.

The overall atmosphere is such a friendly place, everyone feels like family. This probably is why we’re the 5SOS Fam. Though there’s tons of different people there but you can trust them with your life. Everyone is there to have a good time.

The setlist is another one of my favorite parts of a show. You never know if they’re going to change it up or not. Even though they might leave out some of your favorites, in that moment it’s such a rush that you really don’t care about what they haven’t played.

Check out the setlist.fm setlist, I love this website because it tracks setlists for every show!

Every song they play, they slay.

Honestly, they’re┬ásuch a musically talented band that it astounds me how well their live performances are.

Though they stop often between songs to talk,it’s so worth it. They connect with the audience while doing this. It’s what helps them feel more like friends than some tall boys prancing around on some stage. Honestly, some of the things they talk about are so pointless but they’re hilarious. Anytime Michael opens his mouth, I know I’m going to end up laughing because he’s just far too funny.

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