Hi, I’m Starr Elizabeth Brown!

I am a Journalism graduate from Oakland University. I focused on digital content, social media, and public relations. OU helped me solidify my passion for marketing and blogging!

As of April 2019, I graduated and am trying to figure out this thing called being an adult. This is a space for me to talk about my life and try and offer up some advice to other millennial mistaken Gen Y-ers. From finding jobs, going through interviews, and talking about the things I love, this blog will be a space for me to explore my life in something I do best, writing.

My love for music was founded at a young age and has never stopped growing. From attending concerts, abusing my Apple Music subscription and collecting vinyl – music has become the main passion in my life.

My love for writing, strategizing, and analyzing has grown my interest in public relations, social media, and journalism. Over my time at Oakland University I strengthened these skills through the Public Relations and Advertising club, National Residence Hall Honorary, on-campus jobs such as being a resident assistant and contributing to various independent outlets.

This blog is a place for me to express my creativity and talk about all things music and lifestyle (or other things that interest me) and learn hands-on the changing internet landscape.