AfriCali Releases Newest Single, “You Don’t Love Him Quite Like You Love Me”

The California based band AfriCali blend together soulful rock, blues, heavy rhythms, and 1970s Ethiopian percussion, all topped off with a coastal-psych feeling.

One of the most interesting and unique things about AfriCali is the importance and focus on all the instrumentation as well as the vocals. The band breaks the familiar verse-chorus format of most songs and focusing on developing the melodies of each instrument and voice.

The single “You Don’t Love Him Quite Like You Love Me” features an incapacitating riff, mesmerizing vocals, and insane harmonies. The tune just flows together with the various influences and sounds of the band’s musicianship. The blending of pop and African influences creates an experimental just familiar sound; the result is nothing short of perfection.

Photo: AfriCali single cover // AfriCali
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