Alessia Cara’s Know It All PT.2 Tour Detroit


Thursday October 6th, Alessia Cara graced all of Detroit with here amazing talent.

I didn’t have many expectations for the concert, I didn’t even know who the opening acts were but it ended up being such an amazing concert and I’m so glad I went!

For getting there only an hour before doors opened, we ended up getting in the pit decently close! We’re we’re about three to four rows of head back and dead center. Honestly the perfect place to stand and get the whole picture of the concert.

We stood around for about an hour before Nathan Sykes took the stage. He took the stage with a mug of tea and a guitarist. His performance was simple, yet breath taking.

Nathan Sykes Lnow It All PT 2 tour Detroit

If you don’t know who Nathan is, you might remember The Wanted. While I wasn’t a fan of them, Nathan was not given an ability to shine in that band. He has such a killer voice, and I’m so excited for his album to come out!

Ruth B came out second and offered another killer performance. I on,y knew Lost Boy, and I’m ashamed that that’s the only song I had known of hers. She gave an amazing performance and she has an amazing voice!

Ruth B Know It All PT 2 tour Detroit

Her set was amazing. Everyone in the audience sang Lost Boy together with Ruth B and it sounded amazing. I can’t wait to see how she grows finishing out 2016!

At exactly 9:00 Alessia’s Band took the stage. And her intro was honestly amazing. It had that One Direction intro vibe but it was so beautifully done and showed Alessia’s personality as an individual and an artist.
Alessia Cara intro know it all PT 2 detroit

She took the stage by storm. Her entire preformcance wasn’t intimate, full of energy, and amazing. She interacted with almost everyone in the crowd. She had so much to offer the audience and everyone just ate it up.

It looked like even the old lady that was front row was having a great time!

I didn’t really know what I was expecting to happen at this concert. It was so chill. Every fan there was super sweet and sang along to every song.

When it came to Alessia’s performance of Seventeen, everyone screamed along. It was one of those moments that I love at concerts. You can tell that that song meant something different to everyone, and everyone was feeling something.

Alessia also gave little speeches before songs and they were so inspiring. She talked about her personal expierance that led to her writing the songs for this album. I didn’t know that the entire Know It All album was written about Alessia’s life. It made me fall in love with her more as an artist.

Agter the show, my friend and I waited outside the venue to see if we could meet Alessia. In the end, it worked out!

We first talked to a few of the nights musicians and they were so sweet. One of Alessia’s musicians, I know he played bass but don’t remember his name, went and got a set list for one girl who collects them!

We also got to meet Ruth B before Alessia came out. She was so sweet, took selfies with everyone, signed a few things for fans, and her manager, I think that’s who she was, even gave us all buttons and bracelets!

Meeting Ruth B Detroit

When Alessia came out, she made sure to meet and talk to everyone that was waiting. She was so sweet! I honestly wish I could be friends with her, she seemed like someone who I’d get along great with!

Meeting Alessia Cara Detroit

I cannot wait to see how Alessia grows as an artist after this tour when she’ll probably start working on some new songs. I also hope she wins a Grammy for all the hard work that she’s put into her debut album, her tour, and herself as a person.

I walked in to The Fillmore liking Alessia’s music, but I left falling in love with her as a person and her music even more.

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