AMP Live 2017 – Concert Experience


AMP 98.7 is Detroit’s best pop radio stations. Not only do they consistently play bomb music and introduce a wide variety of up-and-coming pop acts, but they host some amazing concerts. June 25 brought huge pop acts to Detroit for an amazing night at AMP Live.

The day started off with rain that wasn’t in the forecast… #JustMichiganThings. And it continued to rain on and off until about 5:30, when doors opened at 6.

Once doors opened, the line was so long it wrapped through the entirety of the dirt parking lot. It took a while to get in to the venue from how the lines were flowing. The event staff directing the lines were not doing a great job, if their job at all. Though there were four lines for security checks, people were only flowing through two.

Finally my friends and I got into the venue. After securing our seats on the lawn with three blankets, we left to see what free things we could find. We entered for meet and greets with Hey Violet and Jon Bellion (we won neither lol) and amassed water bottles, posters and pins that we never saw again.

The show opened up at 7:30 with a blue haired girl and an acoustic guitar. Her renditions of The Killers and The 1975 we’re great, but didn’t really keep the crowd’s attention. I wish I could remember her name, so if you know it please let me know.

Noah Cyrus took over the stage with her metallic pink sweat pants and stunning voice. For only really starting her music career recently, she has an amazing stage presence. Preforming her hits “I’m Stuck” and “Stay Together,” her 15 minute set was full of energy from start to finish. I absolutely cannot wait to see how Noah grows as an artist with the release of NC-17.

The second act to dominate the stage was Hey Violet. This was my fourth time seeing the group (twice opening for 5SOS and their heading tour this last spring). I was not a fan of the group when I saw them in 2015, but their new sound quickly changed that. From The Outside was a perfect debut album for the group and I’m glad their set consisted of the best hits from it.

Also can we appreciate this photo of me and a trash can for a moment?

At this point my group found out that the events manager was walking around giving seat upgrades. God bless my friend Megan for walking up to him and some how getting us up to row HH (about 15 rows back????). I couldn’t contain myself because 1) Niall Horan was about to be on stage and 2) we were about to be so close to him.

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As we were walking down the stairs to the new seats, I was crying. Like sobbing if I’m going to be honest. I love this boy so much and I had so much excitement, I couldn’t handle myself. The girl who took a picture of us in these new seats laughed when she told me to wipe away my tears. Could AMP Live get any better at this point?

Well, it did.

With much anticipation, Niall Horan graced us with his presence. Fighting through technical difficulties, Niall and his ensemble dominated the stage with “On The Loose”, “Slow Hands” and “This Town.” Also, the group covered “Issues” by Julia Michaels which was amazing. Personally, One Direction’s hiatus was heartbreaking and seeing at least one of the boys live was my own personal renascence.

The headliner for AMP Live 2017 was Jon Bellion. Holy crap is probably the only thing I have to say about his performance.

I am a huge fan of his hits “All Time Low” and “Overwhelming” which were dominating air play. I had also listened to his album a few time through and loved it, but never watched a live performance of his. So going into the night I was excited to see what he would bring.

His stage presence is incredible. I could not stop watching him bounce around the stage and getting the audience involved in every song. Every second he was on stage the entire venue loved it. This sold me on him as a performer and artist. I bought tickets the next day for his Detroit show come October.

Honestly, AMP Live was one of the best nights I’ll probably have all summer.

The entire night was great atmosphere wise and performance wise. I hope to see another night as great as this soon!

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