I Met Antoni from Queer Eye … And He Signed My Tortilla


So, when Karamo cancels his appearance because he’s killing it on Dancing with the Stars and your alma mater grabs Antoni last second, you have to do something wild. …Or is that just me?

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Skip school to meet @karamo kids

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Last March my friend, fellow Queer Eye lover Sami, and I drove from Auburn Hills, Michigan to Cinncinatti, Ohio to see Karamo. We skipped school, called off work, and hopped into her car for the road trip of the semester.

When we heard Oakland University was bringing Karamo, we were excited. But, when we found out they were replacing him with Antoni… the wheels in my brain started turning.

Antoni, the cooking genius of Netflix’s Queer Eye is promoting his new book “Antoni in the Kitchen.” While visiting OU, he did a live demo of one of his recipes from the book.

When I first heard it was Antoni I was going to purchase a big potato or avocado for him to sign…. but I forgot. However, there was an event happening on campus with free Mexican food that day. I snagged a tortilla and thus the I-need-Antoni-to-sign-my-tortilla-mission was born.

The fennel and citrus salad was definitely something the college crowd of almost 800 will probably never consider making any time in the near future. But, it was entertaining to watch Antoni bounce back and forth from cooking advice to random stories, and sometimes not being able to finish a sentence because his mind is racing so fast.

The Tortilla Count Down

When it came time for the book signing, the event organizers did not make clear that it was only for those that had Antoni’s book. Meaning me and my tortilla had to race down to purchase a book from the bookstore while Sami stood in line.

Not going to lie, I am too out of shape for the six flights of stairs I sprinted down to be completed as quickly as I did. But I made it down and back in under 10 minutes. An honest achievement for someone who hasn’t exercised since June.

When I walked up to him, I was honestly so nervous.

I opened my book to the signing page where I had also placed the tortilla. When I opened the book, he kinda looked up to me with a look of confusion.

Before he could say anything, my mind raced because I had to get something out before he questioned the random tortilla. I didn’t even care at that moment if he signed the book. All I wanted was this tortilla that I had carried for HOURS signed. I just straight out blurted, “can you sign this tortilla?”

With a look of confusion, he just said: “I don’t know what you’re going to do with this but sure.”

He then signed the tortilla and my book.

Literally, there’s nothing else to the story. I wish it was more entertaining and action-packed. But Antoni from the ICONIC Queer Eye signed a tortilla for me. What. A. Legend.

I then made my boyfriend come with me to buy a frame and hang it up in our apartment. It fits perfectly next to my framed Harry Styles plastic bag.

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