Auburn Hills Needs to Change Its Online Presence

Auburn Hills City Hall October 2017

The city of Auburn Hills, home to Oakland University, provides a great place to live, work and play. However, the city’s online presence could use a little work to help out its residences.

Auburn Hill’s website opens on clean designed website with contrasting, yet neutral colors. The pop of a dark, almost maroon, red provides the essential information to stand out from the images and black and white majority of the website. The city’s website has a clean design making it pretty easy to navigate. Being user friendly allows the residents of the city to find what they are looking for quicker with less hassle.

As a user lands on the Auburn Hills city homepage, they are met with a slideshow of seven images. The images are of the Public Safety Building, an aerial shot of the city, red and yellow tulips, people kayaking down a river, a building that is unmarked, a game of golf and another row of buildings. Over these images there is “Explore Auburn Hills, Michigan” in white text, a red learn more button and a red play button that pops up a video when clicked.

Most of the images are static buildings or scenery that do not give many contexts to what the residents of Auburn Hills would be looking for when they visit the Auburn Hills campus. For example, upon visiting the Auburn Hills campus, I discovered the unmarked building from the slideshow was city hall. The building itself is marked by a few hard to read signs, similar to a majority of the buildings in the Auburn Hills campus.

While the slideshow features a building of City Hall, it’s hard to know that it is city hall from the picture. This is partly because the building looks like a residential complex from the outside. Labeling in on the campus and then updating that picture will allow Auburn Hills residents to know what they’re looking for.

Auburn Hills City Hall
Cesante Ward goes about his everyday activities by Auburn Hills City Hall. The proposed sign change is edited on the building.

The City of Auburn Hills Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all branded with a simple white logo and header on each platform. While these are great at showing Auburn Hills residents what is happening in their community, Auburn Hills could also be working on using their social media platforms to showcase their community. Much of the city’s Instagram presence is posts around the city and a few posts here and there about upcoming or past events. Same with Auburn Hills’ Facebook and Twitter presences.

The city should work on showcasing more often their local residents participating in the community. Showcasing local businesses, community events or local organizations would spice up the city’s social media presences along with generating more content to post regularly on every platform.

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