September 2016 Playlist


August and September were crazy months.

From moving back to college, resident assistant training, and trying to get prepared for fall semester classes to start, I’ve had music to power me through the month.

The last two-ish months have been insane.

I had my last day at my summer job. I then moved back to college the next day. Left for camp, where all of the university housing staff went to bond. Had resident assistant training for almost two whole weeks. And finally dealing with move in of everyone else to campus. And classes start now?!?!

I’ve been super busy trying to balance everything in my life, and thus my blog was neglected. Sad times that was.

Hopefully now I can get more on a schedule of work and school life, and this will actually thrive into the community I want it to be. Between school, work, and trying to have a social life, it might be a struggle for a while though!

So, with out further a do, here’s the music that powered me through the month that was August/September 2016.

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