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Remote Working in Your First Job – My Experience

I always thought working remotely would be great for me. Before graduation, I was searching for different work-from-home opportunities that would allow me to have the flexibility to work in sweatpants or go to a coffee shop. I was excited when my job started discussing the ability to work-from-home a day a week. It turned […]

I’m Just Turned 23 and My Shit is NOT Together

When I was a child, I thought high schoolers had their entire life together. Once I got into high school, I figured by the time I graduated from college, THEN I would have my life together. Well, let me tell you, I’ve graduated, walked out of a job, got a full-time job, and signed a […]

Why Self-Care Matters | To the Stressed and Depressed 20-Somethings

Let’s be honest with ourselves– being an adult-ish adult is HARD. Like it frickin’ sucks what feels like all the time. How am I supposed to balance self-care, working, having a social life, and everything else? Not a week goes by where something unexpected comes up, the government pulls some bs, or life just seems […]

I Met Antoni from Queer Eye … And He Signed My Tortilla

So, when Karamo cancels his appearance because he’s killing it on Dancing with the Stars and your alma mater grabs Antoni last second, you have to do something wild. …Or is that just me? View this post on Instagram Skip school to meet @karamo kids A post shared by Starr Brown (@starr_brown97) on Mar 25, […]

Review: NEW Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

When Influenster approached me to try out a few Laura Mercier products, you could say I was pretty ecstatic.  While I may not be the next Jeffree Star or Nikkie Tutorials, I have been pretty obsessed with makeup since 8th grade. I may not wear a full face every single day– because let’s be real […]

My 2018 In Concerts

Fusion Shows 10th Birthday @ The Crofoot 1/13/18 View this post on Instagram I have 2,000+ photos from tonight send help | thanks @fusionshows for a great party 🎂 A post shared by Starr Brown (@starr_brown97) on Jan 13, 2018 at 11:11pm PST I randomly stumbled across this show on Twitter after seeing someone RT it […]

I Spent Almost $1000 on Harry Styles In Two Days

If you’re going to learn anything about me right now, it’s how I’m mildly obsessed with One Direction and the things I will do for Harry Styles. Also, I’m straight up giving you dollar amounts because I want you to know that there are people out there who have spent a wilder amount of money to see […]

Women in music 2018

The Grammy Awards are the biggest night in the music industry. Founded to celebrate artistic achievements for artists by the recording academy, they are meant to celebrate the best music in every genre released that year and show where the industry is at in the last year. From pop and R&B to rock and classical […]

Neck Deep ‘Peace And The Panic Tour’ – Detroit

After spending all of December convincing my friends Joe and Pat (who never listen to me about music), I finally got them to agree to see Neck Deep on tour this winter just as tickets sold out. With classes canceled and a blizzard overtaking the entire state of Michigan, I jokingly checked Facebook to see if anyone was selling […]

Representation At Music Festivals

‘Tis the season for summer music festival lines-ups to be announced. And with festival announcements comes criticism about representation of women, people of color and LGBT+ identities. Each year festivals continue to place mainly CIS male acts on their lineups, seemingly forgetting about other identities that have just as great music. This week the British […]

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