“Bedroom Floor” and Liam Payne Crush It Again


Liam Payne’s solo career isn’t what I was expecting, but I’m also not mad at it. Honestly, I had no idea what Liam was going to produce on this hiatus. When “Strip That Down” dropped I actually hated it the first time I listened to it.  But, it grew on me after the shock values that was “I used to be in 1D but now I’m out free”.

So, when he announced that he was dropping “Bedroom Floor” (the same day as Niall’s album, why you gotta stress me out like this Payne) I got a little excited. The success that “Strip That Down” and “Get Low” with Zedd brought him on the charts made me so happy. He has a great voice and such under rated talent just because he’s in One Direction.

“Bedroom Floor” is about that love that is over but isn’t at the same time. When you have a breakup and you’re in that place where you feel like something is still there and then you see them. You have that feeling when your eyes meet that you’re just like it’s actually not over.

And then you have sex. Because it’s always sex in pop songs so I can’t be mad.

The beats Liam has been producing for this R&B pop thing he has going on are really good. It’s so easy for every track to feel the same (I’m not looking at The Chainsmokers but I am). The same patterns, three or four chords and the same drop— it gets repetitive.

“Bedroom Floor” has a different feel to it. Like in a way it could be a 1D track if the What Makes You Beautiful album was written now. But it also has that go to a club and get super drunk and cry over the last boy that broke your heart feel that Liam has made his signature sound.

I can’t wait to see what Liam brings to an entire album. The two solo tracks he’s dropped have been really great for everyone and the radio. So it’ll be interesting to see how his album’s success rivals Harry (I’m not pitting them against each other though). Radio and comedically Liam has been hitting the nail on the head for what crushes it on the radio and streaming. So hopefully he can bring that with an entire album.

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