The Absolute Best Albums From June 2017


This last June brought some of the best music that I’ve heard all year. Almost every week I was bombarded by new releases from the hottest artists of this year. Some weeks I couldn’t even handle it all.

For anyone that follows me on Twitter, you saw the chaos of me tweeting some of my thoughts. I never got a chance to express them in full. Here is all the music that had me crying over its greatness in the month of June.

Dua Lipa / Dua Lipa (self-titled)

Dua quickly became one of my favorite pop artists after I saw her at Troye Sivan’s Suburbia tour in November.  I even got a chance to see her on her heading tour in March. So, when her album (finally) dropped in the beginning of June, I was ecstatic. Every song on it is an absolute jam. I especially love how track 1 is titled “Genesis”. Highly recommend checking out this album if you haven’t yet.

Lorde / Melodrama

Listen, Lorde and I are the same age. One of us is making kick ass music and won a Grammy, while the other is crying over boy band members and eating pints of ice cream in a single sitting. I think she is absolutely winning at life and this album just proves it to me. If anyone could describe the feelings of being 20, Lorde does just that with Melodrama. Every track is absolutely a banger and I could listen to this album everyday for the rest of my life and be happy with it. 

Halsey / Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

When Halsey dropped Badlands, it finally sold me on Halsey’s talent. I loved that album with my whole heart. With Hopeless Fountain Kingdom she took my love for Badlands and shattered it because it’s so much better. I still love the first, but HFK shows how Halsey has grown as an artist. I love that she creates a concept for each of her albums. It makes listening to it a story that you keep learning more about each time you listen to it in its entirety.

Hey Violet / From the Outside

My first opinions on Hey Violet from 2015 were tragically different from them now. I hated the band when I saw them open for 5SOS on the Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour in 2015. When they opened for 5SOS again in 2015 for Sounds Live Feels Live, my opinions did a complete 180. Now, I’m a huge fan of Hey Violet’s sound. After seeing them on their heading tour in March, I was sold on how great From the Outside would be. Now that it’s out, I can only describe it as amazing. If you haven’t checked out Hey Violet yet, you’re missing out.

All Time Low / Last Young Renegade

All Time Low has slowly been growing a place in my heart. The last album Future Hearts turned me into a super fan of the group. That album held onto the pop-punk sound that any once-an-emo-kid absolutely loved. I really enjoy that the groups sound has changed and matured into something different but holding onto their roots. The album features tracks like “Good Times” that make you want to scream your heart out. I’m 100% here for it.

What has been your favorite new music that’s come out of June? Let me know in the comments!

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