What Is The Best Part Of Summer?


Summer is now here, and that means no classes, no homework, and … WORK.

Honestly I end up working so much over the course of the summer that it over runs my entire life. Especially since summer means I get a chance to sleep in. But summer means some amazing plans! And for me, the best part of summer is…

CONCERTS! I love summer concerts, it’s such a positive and supportive atmosphere when a bunch of fans get together to listen to music together on a summer night. Like the only thing that would make it better would be to add a bonfire. Like tell me it wouldn’t be amazing to be at a One Direction concert and to toast a marshmallow next to Harry Styles. Like… goals.

Honestly though, I get such a rush at concerts I wish I could go to more concerts and festivals but I’m a broke college student. I wish I could’ve attended Firefly because there was so many amazing artists┬áthat I wanted to see. And┬áthere’s so many other festivals and concerts that I want to see in the US and out.

However, the concerts I’ve been to and the concerts I’m planning to go to soon are the things that get me through the roughest days

My goal in life is to take a summer and just travel to different festivals and concerts that I want to go to for three months. That’s how I’m going to know I’ve made it lol!

What’s your favorite part of summer? I’d love to hear in the comments down below!


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