My Bucket List

I’ve always been the person to say, “oh that’s on my bucket list” but never actually made a list. So, I’m going to actually write these down and publish them for anyone in the world to read.

My goals with this list is to as I’m crossing them off write a post or do a video about them and link that to them so you all can be apart of my experience as well! Also, add as things ideas pop into my head, so make sure to follow the journey!

Also if you didn’t read my travel bucket list on places I dream to travel to make sure you keep up on that one too!

Get a Tattoo (Post Soon)
Leave the US
Study Abroad
Get Married (maybe)
Attend A Music Festival
Graduate College
Get A Job
Meet All My Internet Friends (Mandy, Megan, Brianna posts comming soon)
Walk A Red Carpet
Attend A Fashion Show
Host A Meet Up
Attend An Award Show
Meet A YouTuber (post comming soon)
Go To Vid Con
Attend Playlist Live
Go to Lollapalooza
Attend Cochella
Go to Firefly
Attend a UK Music Festival
Meet A Member Of One Direction
Be Apart of a Tyler Oakley Collab
Meet Little Mix
Be In The Background Of A Music Video or Movie or TV Show
Work For A Band
Become A Meme (I Mean Why Not)
Go Backstage At A Concert

What’s something on your bucket list that I should add? I totally need more ideas of what to do in my life! This post is also always going to be edited as I add new things and cross them off, so make sure you follow me to keep up with my adventures!


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