CJ Teffner “Stars” Press Release

May 1, 2018– The latest single for CJ Teffner, “Stars,” shows everything he’s worked towards as a musician. Off his upcoming EP Stars, the emotional and haunting ballad showcases the incredible instrumentalist Teffner is alongside vocalist Robin Cage’s vocals. From massive dynamic builds to an epic guitar solo, Teffner puts everything he can do as … Read More

Comerica Bank Announces Competitive Student Loan For Michigan Students

DETROIT, Mich.–– Michigan college students now have more student loans options thanks to Comerica. Residents attending any in-state public, private, community college or university and pursuing an undergraduate degree are eligible for up to $40,000 in loans. Interest rates are a low 2%– about 4% less than any standard student loan rate currently available. Repayment … Read More

Plymouth Township mega mall ground breaking

Plymouth Township, Mich.– Michigan is soon to be home to another of the largest malls in America. Plymouth Township and Wayne County will be home to a mega mall spanning across 200-acres of southeastern Michigan. The Plymouth Creek Mall will feature over 300 stores ranging from clothing, home stores, lifestyle and more. Stores to be … Read More