Celebrities Need Their Privacy Too

So, I feel like some of us need a little help understanding the concept of personal space.

Just because someone is a celebrity, famous, or whatever you want to call them, doesn’t mean that we as fans or paparazzi have the right to violate a person’s right to privacy or personal space. This happens all the time, but recently something happened that just set me over the edge.

Ashton Irwin, the drummer for 5 Seconds of Summer (for those who don’t know), has just gone home to Australia to spend Christmas with his family. While out and about with his two little siblings and his mom, paparazzi started to interfere with their day. I understand that paparazzi’s jobs are to take candid photos of celebrities, but the way they treat people (and some “fans”) disgust me. Since Ashton and his family were not complying with what the pap wanted, he went ahead and leaked his family’s home address.

Now this crosses a huge line. This is his home, his save space away when from the spotlight, the places where his mom and siblings live. This creates an unsafe space for the entire Irwin family- not just Ashton. I honestly don’t understand how this helps the pap out with his job or anyone honestly.

Now anyone can go straight to their house and interfere with anything this family is doing. This isn’t okay. This puts Lauren and Harry (Ashton’s siblings) at risk of being in an unsafe position. This puts his mom in danger as well. I hope this asshole (pardon my French) is happy.

I hope any true fan respects Ashton and his family’s privacy and don’t go to his house just to meet him and take a selfie. I hope this is a lesson learned and whoever is responsible faces the consequences for his actions.

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