Cider and Study Program – RA Idea


This was the first program I planned this year, and it was a huge success.

If you’re residents love fall, like any college student does, they’ll love going to the cider mill.

My floor was constantly talking about wanting to go to the cider mill in several different groups. So, being a smart RA, I decided to capitalize on this idea and make it into a program.

I partnered with the Academic Peer Mentor (APM) that lives on my floor on this as they have a much larger budget than me and wanted to do a program together. She paid for everything, making this program cost $0 for me.


I¬†took and called it a civility and citizenship program as residents were studying, talking about what they’re interested in on campus, and they made new friends on the floor.

I had 17 residents attend this program, which is awesome because we went off campus. 17 for our floor size and campus is awesome. I was so excited for how many people attended.

After breaking up into groups of people who could drive and heading off to the cider mill close to campus, we tried to pet the goats. Low key that failed. But, we found a sport and set up camp with homework and bough doughnut and cider.

I chatted with the groups of residents about how classes were going, what they’ve been up to, and if they’re loving campus or not.


If your floor talks about wanting to go some where affordable and you can turn it into a program- do it. Residents will actively be excited for the program, and attendance will be amazing.

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