Concert Survival Guide: Getting Ready


Whether you’re about to attend your first concert ever, a general admission concert for the first time or you’ve been attending concerts for years, it’s great to make sure you’re fully prepared for a night of live music. Regardless of how many concerts you’ve attended throughout your life, sometimes you just don’t know how to prepare for a concert.

And in the word of the boy scouts, be prepared. A lack of preparation could hinder how your night goes (or day if you’re attending a festival). The last thing you want to do is have to be escorted to get medical attention, stranded with no contacts, or having a terrible time.

Here’s how I make sure I’m fully ready for every concert I attend. From general admission to seated stadiums, pop to punk, all day to one night, these tips will make sure you’re prepared for whatever live music you’re about to see.


If you only do one thing from this list, it needs to be you drinking water. All day have so much water you have to go to the bathroom every hour because you’re so hydrated currently. When you get dinner before you head out, make sure it’s water and not pop. Just trust me on this.

The worst situation to be in is dying of dehydration mid-favorite song and having to leave (especially if you’re near the front). I’ve seen so many people drop like flies all of a sudden mainly because they didn’t drink enough water. I even saw a mom drag her daughter who had passed out through a sold-out crowd and it was terrible to see.

Also, pro tip to not having to pee during the show, make sure to not consume a ton of water an hour before the show, only sips here and there and use the bathroom before getting to the venue to ensure a good spot if it’s GA!


After I bought one of these my life changed. No matter what you’re going to be Snapchatting, trying to take a photo for Instagram and sending things to your friends who couldn’t be at the show. Always have one of those portable chargers or the cases that charge your phone.

The worst situation to be in is trying to find a misplaced friend or trying to get an Uber when you have no battery life to spare. Just stick the charger and cord in your pocket before you head in!


Always have somewhere to keep things. From your ticket to a phone (and your charger!!) you’re going to need to keep things somewhere. Try and wear something that has pockets on it so it’s one less thing you have to worry about. For me, I love my overalls or oversized men’s army jacket for this.

If you don’t have pockets, see what the venue’s bag policy is. Some small venues they have no issues with small purses or drawstring bags while huge venues don’t allow much for bags inside their gates. Check the venues’ website and if you still have questions call! They’d rather you call and have questions answered then having to put a bag you can’t bring in somewhere.


If you think you’re going to attend a show and not have something in your stomach beforehand, you’re going to die. It’s almost like the water thing, low blood sugar isn’t fun either. Especially if you plan on dancing and sweating it out all night long.

While healthy food is great, eat something light that you know won’t irritate you but filling enough to make it through the few hours. I personally love Panera and Jimmy Johns/Subway before a concert but McDonald’s nuggets are always a great alternative.

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