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Concerts are one of my favorite experiences quite honestly. Every concert I’ve been to (minus Lynyrd Skynyrd when I was like 6) I felt more at home surrounded by complete strangers that I do at school or even home.

The four concerts I have gone to with friends have been Ed Sheeran, One Direction, and 5 Seconds of Summer. You’re probably like, Starr that’s only three people, but just trust me read on and I’ll tell you about my experiences with them.

I’m going to be making this a running series, so make sure you watch for my other and more current concert experiences/reviews/vlogs.

My first true concert experience came the summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school on July 17, 2013. My friends Radvile, Mick, and I set out on an all-day extravaganza to see Ed Sheeran. This concert was pre-Multiply era when he was gaining popularity but wasn’t as huge as he is now. Like his biggest song at the time was The A-Team.

Now, this concert was apart of the “Party in the Park” that a local radio station in Grand Rapids, Michigan was putting on. The two heading acts were Ed Sheeran and Jason Derulo.

Now, we had GA tickets and wanted to be in the front like any fangirls would want to be. So without much pre-planning, my mom dropped the three of us off just after 9 in the morning. At this point, the line was fairly short, only like 4 or 5 groups ahead of us, and the sun wasn’t blazing.

Time ticked on and we stupidly didn’t bring anything to do other than our phones and a few snacks and like a bottle of water each. This is where the struggle begins.

This summer was a particularity hot one as compared to the summer before. The day it ended up being like 97 degrees (or around there) and with the heat index it was just over 100 and it was humid. Mind you we had three bottles of water total, no cooler, and nothing to shield us from the sun.

Every time the sprinklers would go off, a group of about 10 of us would run through them because my noon we were all dying. One guy (in the group directly in front of us who we kinda made friends with) had his grandpa bring him three bags of ice and one of those fan things that spray water at you, and he was going down the line for a solid half an hour spraying everyone. Radvile already had a visible sunburn, my face was burning and my tan lines were getting pretty bad, Mick was about the same as me. And the gates didn’t open until 4:30.

By the time the gates opened, a crowd of fans gathered in front of us claiming they were there all day only their makeup was perfect, hair in prime condition, and were not visibly sweating like the rest of us who had been there pretty much the whole day. This started people screaming at each other, pushing, and security being over us.

After something similar to the Hunger Games took place to get through the gate and down to the field, we were all stuck standing in the heat until the opening acts came on. Now, I’m using the term opening very loosely as no one had ever heard of any of these people, they weren’t that good, and I can’t remember who they even were.

Finally, at like 8 pm Ed Sheeran came on stage. By this point, everyone avoided the concept of personal space and we were all packed together as close as can be. No one was fighting anymore, no pushing was happening, just everyone singing along with their hands (and phones) in the air.

Though his angelic voice was ringing through the entire stadium, everyone was quietly singing along. Everyone that was singing back the same words but for different reasons. When he played The A-Team everyone was crying, even me. We all stood there in that moment immune from what was happening in the world. It seemed as if there were no problems in the world.

That’s what I love so much about concerts; for those hours everyone in that room no matter if it’s 100 or 100,000, is your family. I’ve heard dozens of other people say this, and it has been true for all the concerts I have been too.

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