D. Francisco’s Breaking Onto Scene With “I Want Ya”

D. Francisco’s debut single and music video for “I Want Ya” recently exploded onto the pop/dance scene. The multi-genre singer and songwriter combines classical operatic vocal styling, upbeat Latin-Pop lyrics and a modern dance energy in the track that channels back to the late 1990’s.

Having spent a lifetime developing his craft, D. Francisco has created a hype has substance to back it up. Having a background and years of diligent training with private instrumental lessons, touring internationally with the Phoenix Boys Choir, and an opera internship in Rome,D. Francisco has a solid foundation for classical Latin infused music, and adds in his own twist.

The debut music video is a sizzling number that burns hot until the end. Set in a dark club with a group of high rollers seated around a small table, playing a game of poker where it’s clear the steaks are very high. Throughout the poker action the sultry hostess and attentive waitress dances around in a sizzling red and black outfit, which is played by Nayara Nuñez.

Watch the video:

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