Daya Brings A Fresh Sound with “New”


For being as young as she is, Daya consistently kills me with her talent. If I had that much talent, I’d want to be a touring pop star with a successful Chainsmokers collab that won a Grammy.

With her debut album Sit Still Look Pretty it was clear that she was 16-17 when it was released and written. It’s about teenage boys, high school relationships and your first heartbreak. For what it was, the album was great and my college life was relatable to it. However, now that she’s graduated high school and legally an adult I have more hope for Daya’s representation as an artist.

In her latest release “New” you can clearly hear Daya mature into the adult she is now.

“New” is still about boys and breakups but like what song isn’t now. The viral music video that was Charli XCX’s “Boys” gained a lot of attention for having a star studded video, but “New” should be able to hold it’s own from Daya’s reputation.

The synth dominated track brings a fresh twist to Daya’s sound. Similar to the feel of her collab withΒ Gryffin & Illenium “Feel Good,” it’s got the right about of same that’s dominating radio currently but it has the right amount of fair to make it notable. It stands out for everything dominating the charts and radio because of her distinct voice that so many people love.

“New” bring a more vulnerable stance than Daya’s previous release. She wants you to know that it’s ok to feel like you don’t want something new. You have to deal with it, cry into your pillow at night and listen to everyones “you’re so much better with out him” speeches before you truly move on.

The fresh take “New” brings with the synth dominated track that her voice flows perfectly over is something Daya didn’t have on Sit Still Look Pretty. When she gets up there in her range, it has this angst and rawness that many artists have been editing over. It’s that raw feeling that I love in a track (cough, Kesha I’m looking at you). It feels more real and like I can sing along.

Stream “New” on Spotify, Apple Music and make sure to buy it and support Daya’s new music journey!

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