Detroit Project

You’ve heard the slogans and are feeling the movement; Detroit Vs. Everybody, Detroit Hustles Harder, Imported from Detroit.

If you’ve visited downtown recently, you’ll notice the considerable amount of renovations that have been made to the stretch of Woodward Avenue, from Midtown to the riverfront in an effort to draw visitors and gain lifetime residents. It’s easy to get excited about a city making a comeback that was once in shambles and filed for bankruptcy.

The thing is, there’s more to Detroit than just the 7.2 mile stretch of Woodward, which is where all the focus of development seems to be.

With over 100 neighborhoods and a population of 672,795, we wanted to understand the true meaning of Detroit’s comeback.

Detroit is so rich in history, dating back to the infamous 1967 riots, through the city filing for bankruptcy in 2013, to now with all the new developments and resources for Detroiters.


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