Exercise 5

Before Questions

  1. What comprises the Middle East region? Locate Israel, West Bank, and the Gaza strip on a map.
  2. What is the population in these areas? – 218 million people
  3. What is your understanding of the Middle East situation? From where do you get most of your information about it? – I know very basic level of the middle east situation. It always seems like there’s something new every day and it’s so hard to follow. I usually see what pops up in my moments tab on Twitter, which has surprisingly taught me a decent amount. However, it’s nothing like the amount I should know.
  4. What do you understand by “occupation”? Can you think of other areas in the world that are “under occupation” today? – Occupations is when another country or group is the dominating controlling force in the nation. Usually today I think about Syria being occupied by ISIS but my earliest memory is when the US occupied Iraq and Afghanistan.
  5. What do you understand by a) propaganda, b) public relations, and c) lobbying? Are there differences between these three? – Propaganda is politicized advertisements and messages that are persuading a person to join their side. Public relations is the goal to get everyone to like whatever you’re a part of and generate positive press stories. Lobbying is when people try to change congressional members minds, i.e lobbying for gun reform. There is a difference between these three despite being all persuasive. Propaganda’s goal is to gt you to join whatever they’re a part of while PR is trying to generate positive images and through around their mission versus lobbying which deals with laws and policies.


The Muslim travel band is much like the treatment of Japanese Americas after the bombing of Pearl Harbor when they were placed in internment camps. The ban could be a starting step for the walk towards internment camps for Muslim citizens, much like the Japanese after the start of World War II, are having to take the blame as an entire population for the actions for a few extremists.

Terrorism is defined strictly by acts by non-white people. Those displayed in images are almost always a person of color and listed with the word terrorist. While white individuals who do acts that meet the textbook definition of terrorism are never dehumanized and never labeled as a terrorist. What is missing is the acceptance that American citizens who are white are terrorists and the largest part of who is killing American citizens.

Terrorism is misunderstood in a way that we’re creating a fear by the media reporting on issues that aren’t really terrorism or are not impedient threats. We’re defining terrorism as an issue completely against people of color.

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