Fall 2016 Semester Goals Recap


At the beginning of this last semester I took inspiration from one of my fav bloggers at the moment Dani Dearest. She shares with her readers her goals and aspirations for each semester, which we all know in college is the equivalent is to going through hell and back come finals.

This semester was really no different. However, I wanted to try out setting myself semester goals. I thought that it would help me stay on track and work harder. But I never worked on these goals other than writing that blog post so #fail.

But, let’s go through and see how fall 2016 went!

1. Stay on top of my resident assistant work.

I never got super behind on things like door decs and my boards, so there’s a win! However, with our residents we have to do “life chats” with set out questions and log their answers and that was the worst. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking with all my residents. It was just the set up and the questions it was quite the awkward expierance. However I got them all done on time so win!

2. Work ahead in my online class.

So, this didn’t go 100% to plan either. I got everything done on time but I was the WORST at procrastinating until Sunday afternoons to get it done. I did 4.0 the class though and I throughly enjoyed it. It even made me look at a few other career paths, so we’ll see where I end up.

3. Actually do reading homework.

Just lol at this. Will try again next semester.

4. Work Out…

I worked out a total of about 4 times this semester. I have a plan for this semester though!

5. Get a decent amount of sleep all semester.

It was the second week when I wrote out the original post. I then became the bad luck of duty nights and had ALL the incidents between 11pm and 3am and then had to do paperwork. Plus I procrastinate like no other so you can just assume there were many a late nights.

So really none of these goals went to plan. I really didn’t try to work on them either. It was just a rough semester for many reasons.

However, I have big plans for myself in 2017 and this next semester. So I have lots of planning to do ahead of me before the new year hits. I hope to have a MUCH better year and semester and the same to you all!

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