Fall 2016 Semester Goals


Goals are such a great thing to set for yourself.

I love my Passion Planner for this reason. It allows me to set long term, monthly, weekly, and daily goals for myself to push myself to achieve. Thus, if you don’t have a Passion Planner, you should change that right now. Honestly it’s been a life saver so far this semester.

This is why I’m sharing with you my goals for this semester and at the end of this semester, once my grades are posted, I’ll share with you if I succeeded or failed along my journey. I love reading Dani Dearest’s semester goals and seeing how well she does each semester.

That’s what inspired this post to be honest. So with out further a do, here are my goals for this semester.

1. Stay on top of my resident assistant work.

While I’m super glad I’m an RA at my university, it’s a ton of work. And while it’s only two full weeks into the semester, I’m already procrastinating on some of the things I need to get done for work. This can be working on door decs a little each week to making sure I make my required life chats all done more than the night before they’re due. Being the professional procrastinator that I am, I need to break this and keep myself accountable so I don’t stress myself out this semester.

2. Work ahead in my online class.

This semester I’m so excited to be taking my online the business of music class, however it’s online. While assignments are due at a set time every week, I’ve found myself waiting until Sunday night to complete the assignments.  It’s such a terrible habit. And had my professor not pushed back an assignment due date the second week of class, I’d already be behind. Not acceptable Starr. So, I want to work on the assignments a little bit through out the week so I’m not cramming three hours of work in at one time.

3. Actually do reading homework.

I am the person that will buy their $200 textbook for every class and then not do the required reading and wonder why I’m not doing as well as I could be in a class. Honestly, I need to get on top of it because it’s currently not even that much. I also don’t have classes Tuesdays and Thursdays so why am I not doing it? It’s beyond me. The chapters for my classes this semester are short and I can easily read them and be prepared for a successful class. So here’s to actually doing the reading this semester.

4. Work Out…

While it is indeed two weeks into the semester currently, I haven’t worked out once. And like I said, I don’t have classes Tuesdays and Thursdays so there is no reason I can’t spend 45 minutes those two days at least on an elliptical. My body would greatly appreciate it due to all the Chick-Fil-A I’ve been eating.

5. Get a decent amount of sleep all semester.

Getting a Fitbit was both the best and worst decision I’ve ever made. It has made me realize how little sleep I can get some nights. This might be from stress and being restless but working out should definitely help this! I feel like working out a little bit will make my sleep sooooo much more successful.

Here’s to this semester to being successful and awesome!  What are your goals for this semester or to finish out this year? Let me know in the comments and let’s keep each other accountable!

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