My Favorite Moments from 2016


We can all agree that 2016 was a pretty crappy year for almost everyone. Nothing went right, Donald Trump was elected president, and Harambe died. Tragic. And, while this was all happening, we can say, there had to be some good moments that happened over the course of this year.

I wrote a post recapping 2015  and my favrote moments when I first started my blog last year. While that post for whatever reason didn’t transfer over when I moved to this website, it was one of my favrote posts at the time. It really made me want to document my life more on Instagram, YouTube, and here as I love sharing it with everyone and being able to look back at everything I’ve accomplished in 12 months.

So here are some of my favorite events that happened this year in no particular order.

1. Saw Troye Sivan in Concert

Troye’s Blue Neighborhood tour gracefully fell in the middle of my spring break (which for some reason happens in the middle of February). Luckily for me, I convinced my friend to go to Chicago and we hit up that show at the House of Blues. You can even read about that expierance here!

2. Got a Second Tattoo

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Happy 1 Year Sounds Good Feels Good 👌🏼

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As soon as I walked away with my first tattoo in 2015, I knew I needed more. Thanks to 5 Seconds of Summer, I ended up with a quote that means the world to me. Outer Space/Carry On is my favorite song that 5sos has released and probably will ever release. I love it so much, I had the lyric that means the most to me permanently inked onto my skin.

3. Fell Even More in Love With Chicago

Some how I found myself in Chicago six times this year. Twice for concerts, once on an impulse trip with my friends, and three extra times just because. Chicago is one of m fave cities and I’m probably moving there after graduation as I’m so in love.

3. Saw 5 Seconds of Summer in Concert

Call me a fan girl, but I love watching 5sos preform life. Their show production, music, and stage presence have made me fall in love. So of course when they announced Sounds Life Feels Life, you know I was going to go. I wrote about that expierance too.

4. Met Tyler Oakley (again)

If you don’t know who Tyler is, I’m sorry you’re missing such a great human from your life. Tyler is one of my favorite people in the world just because she’s himself and I inspire to be that one day. I wrote a post about the entire expierance, but essentially he came to give a lecture at Oakland University (my school ❤️) and volunteered to help register students to vote, where my residents and I also helped out.

5. Finished My First Year of College

God bless. I was honestly terrified of college at first, thought I was going to have no friends, fail, and be miserable. That was not the case. I did fantastic, made the best friends, and was actually pretty happy the entire time.

6. Saw Troye Again

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|| Trippin on skies, sipping waterfalls ||

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Troye announced the Sub tour in the middle of 2016 and after falling in love with Troye a son a performer, I knew I had to see him again. This concert was insane, I fell In love with Dua Lipa, and you can read about it here.

7. Fell in Love with Alessia Cara

I fell absolutely in love with Alessia after finally listening to her debut album Know It All. I made the decision at like 2:30 in the morning that I wanted to see her live. I’m so glad I did because she is an amazing preformer and I want to see her live like another 400 times at least before I die. I wrote about that expierance for my journalism class and a blog post!

8. Met Ruth B.

Meeting Ruth B in detroit

The Lost Boy singer is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Her manager (?) even gave everyone waiting on our side free merch which is everything I aspire to be. She and Nathan Sykes opened for Alessia and were AMAZING. Also, why did I never post this on Instagram?

I cannot wait to see what 2017 brings as I’m super excited to create some more amazing memories. I have so many goals and plans that I want to see flourish this year and can’t wait to share them and grow.

Here’s to an amazing 2017.

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