The Finals Week Chicago Trip Adventure – Story Time


Who doesn’t end up in Chicago in the middle of finals week?

It all started because a few of the guys on my floor last year and I were in the lounge watching The Wolf of Wall Street. A very long movie that honestly we probably shouldn’t have been watching at 3am but college.

Our friend, another resident of the floor, comes back at about 3:30am very drunk (they’re 23, it’s fine) and very happy that the night doesn’t have to end.

We ended up going to the store at 4am to find a pizza to make. Drunk friend chugged the fifth of vodka in the Meijer parking lot (honestly iconic) and we took an hour to get a frozen pizza and a pizza baking tray.


Once back on campus and in the buildings that have kitchens we can use the oven in, we made said pizza which too, 40 minutes. We also didn’t have anything to take the pizza out of the oven so I had to use my winter jacket. Basically I was the hero that saved everything.

We then decided that this pizza wasn’t good enough and at 6:45am we made a pact that we were basically going to Chicago before finals were over.

About two weeks later, my alarm goes off at 5am to get dressed and pack. And there we were at 6:30am were walking out of the building asking if we’re really doing this.


Now, it’s about a 4-5 hour drive from our campus to get to Chicago. By 2 hours in, we were already asking if we were there yet, eaten pop tarts for breakfast, and we’re playing Heads Up.

At 10:45am we’re finally parked in Lincoln Park by DePaul University and surprised that we made it.

We venture over to the closest train station, and that’s a mess because I’m apparently the only one who knows how to buy a train ticket and use the train system.

Our end goal was the McDonalds that’s two-stories next to the Hard Rock Cafe. If you’ve ever been to Chicago, you know the exact McDonald’s. I’m also terrible at directions and it takes us 45 minutes to get there. This is all because I’m the worst at using Apple Maps while walking and we walked the wrong way 16 times.

So we eat at the two-story McDonalds then venture into the seven-story Sports Authority (that’s now closed). One floor had skateboards, long boards, and hockey equipment. Honestly who put all that together. So, we start riding around on skateboards and playing hockey. They employee that was up there even joined up and I don’t know how none of us, including the employee got into trouble.

We finally got bored in Sports Authority and decided to go to The Bean/Cloud Gate, whatever you want to call it, in Millennium Park. If you don’t remember from before, I’m terrible with directions. We get lost and ask this man who barely speaks English how to get there and we walk the 30-minutes there.

It’s only me and our other sarcastic friend that know what The Bean is and we’re describing it to our 3 other friends who think we’re kidding that there’s a literal giant metallic bean downtown. They were fully prepared to end up at a coffee shop called The Bean.

So, we eventually get there and they find out that it is indeed a giant metallic bean and like any other tourist we take selfies and other very tourist pictures. Also, Millennium Park is so beautiful at the end of April so we wondered around there for a while.


Eventually, we were all starving and decided to go to Giordano’s, the entire reason we were in Chicago. Only the one we wanted to go to that was semi-close to a train was a 45-minute walk and we weren’t about to do that.

I tried to convince them that we could just get an Uber and it’d be fine. But no one was down for that so we get in some random taxi with a drive that was fine with cramming 4 people in the back of his car. He charged up way too much in my opinion and drove like a maniac. I was honestly terrified for my life that we were going to get kidnapped and die.

But, we didn’t!

We ended up at the Girodano’s we wanted in the Loop. Ordered 3 pizzas for the 5 of us (don’t ask me why) and had the best time ever eating it.


I honestly love Chicago, so I’m so glad we did this. It was the best break between finals and the best way to end the year! We even went to Chicago, down one person, again this fall and it was also a fun time that I can tell you all about in another blog post!

Would you ever take an impulse trip in the middle of finals week? If so where would you and your friends go? Or have you take an impulse trip? Let me know in the comments below! I want to hear about your adventure or tream impulse trips!

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