All About My First Semester In College

Winter break has come and gone relieving me of all the finals stress I had pent up from one very stressful week. I’m honestly excited to go back because I love having something to do and I feel so much more content with everything
in my little dorm room.

So my first semester wasn’t much of a transition for me. Throughout all of high school I had to get myself up and ready for school, make sure I had all my assignments done and tests studied for, and when/where all of my extracurricular stuff was. Having learned how to take care of myself over the span of more than just the 4 years that was high school was such a lifesaver.

Staying organized wasn’t a problem because I’m such a clutter freak when it comes to keeping track of assignments and notes and handouts. Using a planner that works for you to keep track of your assignments and to-do’s is one of the best ways to keep track of what you have going on and when it’s due. I use the Passion Planner! I’ll be doing a review soon on how I use it and what I like/don’t like about it so keep watching for that!

I’m a terrible procrastinator, but I do my best work under pressure (please sing it like David Bowie because I did haha). When I have a big project or assignment due, I always work until the rough draft is due (if it’s due) and then kinda do whatever it needs to make it better and turn it in. For tests and stuff I always study super last minute which is so bad but I have to be under pressure for anything to stick. So please don’t be like me and do things ahead of time because I become so stressed, like finals week I was a walking ball of stress. It was not fun.

As for my social life, much like high school, it’s pretty bare. I have a few people from my floor that always hang out in the lounge and it’s super fun and chill. We’ve become UNO masters because we play like almost every day. Honestly, over break, I missed them so much because even when I’m bored they’re almost always down to do something.

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