Future OU Alum Madalyn Wendling Secures Job Offer at Delphi Automotive

Madalyn Wendling enjoys a fall morning on Oakland University’s campus. Wendling is an OU senior engineering student graduating in April 2017.

When you turn on the radio in a car, you never have to think about how, why or if it will work. Oakland University senior Madalyn Wendling is one engineer you can thank for that.

Wendling has called Delphi Automotive home for over a year as an intern and has recently signed a job offer for a full-time position after she graduates in April 2017.

Oakland University senior Madalyn Wendling poses for a picture on the way to class. Senior year classes have been a busy time for Wendling as she prepares to enter the workforce.

Currently on the vehicle test team, pushing buttons and listening to music are the highlights of her day. Often Wendling assists on test drives with Chrysler employees. This team drives from Rochester Hills on designated routes, testing and measuring different components of the car.

Wendling mainly works on Chrysler radios which will be available in certain model year 18 and 19 vehicles. Testing the functions of programs running in the radios makes sure your drive with music, podcasts, the radio or whatever you might listen to via your car’s entertainment system, she makes sure these work perfectly before the car is put out on the market.

“The testing that I am doing ultimately makes the radio better and fixes bugs, and if I see these cars driving down the road I can say that I worked on it.”

Math has always been a subject Wendling excelled at. After high school, she wanted a practical way to apply her knowledge to a job. With technology being such a growing field and something she was always interested in, it seemed like a good fit.

Madalyn Wendling works hard programming her Arduino in Kresge Library before class on a Monday morning. Engineers must learn several different programming systems for classes.

Securing her internship at Delphi Automotive was a unique process for Wendling. Someone who works at Delphi had approached her asking for her resume. A few weeks later, Wendling had a phone interview and then was offered the position. Starting in May 2016, she has been with Delphi Automotive ever since. Working to build connections and hard work landed Wendling with a job offer at the start of the fall 2017 semester.

Wendling’s advice to other aspiring engineers is to build connections. Sit in the front of classes and participate. Be confident in what you know. You never know where it could get you.

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