I Spent Almost $1000 on Harry Styles In Two Days


If you’re going to learn anything about me right now, it’s how I’m mildly obsessed with One Direction and the things I will do for Harry Styles.

Also, I’m straight up giving you dollar amounts because I want you to know that there are people out there who have spent a wilder amount of money to see Harry across this entire tour. So, my number is not near as bad as some of these kids who have followed the ENTIRE US TOUR I’M NOT EVEN JOKING.

PS I’m very glad I use Twitter to document most of my life decisions because they really illustrate the story.

Let’s set the scene.

It’s a muggy morning in June 2017. Tickets for Harry Styles arena tour go on sale at 10am on the dot. However, I’m stuck working a dance camp check-in and very stressed out. The co-worker that was stuck working with me was briefed that I HAD to get tickets to this show no matter what it took.

Time is ticking down.



The group chat filled with my friends is blowing up. Who’s going to try for tickets? Are we all trying for tickets? One girl decides it’s not worth it while myself and two others are ready to gather up as many tickets as possible.


I refresh Ticketmaster’s Harry Styles Live On Tour at Little Caesars Arena event page on the work computer with my Verified Fan presale code copied ready to go. My coworker is watching me stressed that I for some reason won’t get tickets, also worried it’s going to sell out in seconds.

The page loads. A single ticket pops up and costs almost exactly what I have in my bank account, sparing me a few dollars.

I, very stressed, continue through Ticketmaster prompts. No, I don’t want ticket insurance. Why is there no option to print my tickets at home? I guess you can send them to my house for more money, that’s fine. My memorized three-digit code on the back of my debit card goes into the security box and I click purchase.

“You’re In” pops up in bold red letters.

There’s my first $100-ish given to the cause that is Harry Styles.

Flash forward 365 days. I’m sitting in the lobby of the building I live in this summer next to my friend Ashley talking about how Harry Styles will be here in a little over a week.

My friend Shakira has returned from the Harry Styles show in Toronto where she purchased me (and I venmo-ed her) my $35 ‘Treat People With Kindness’ shirt. I saved $10 doing it this way vs paying $45 in the US so who’s the real winner here?

Jokingly we look on Ticketmaster and StubHub to see what tickets are left. We see two-floor seats for the Detroit show left on StubHub and somehow I end up buying them in my summer semester stress fully knowing I already have that ticket I bought a year ago.

The impulse bought floor seats set me back another $200, thinking that we’d be the exact opposite side of the B-stage.

Nope. As Ashley and I walk down the stairs in Little Caesars Area, we notice that the b-stage is at the exact back of the floor. Meaning we’re going to be SO CLOSE for those few songs.

Little did we find out that our seats are the FIRST ROW for b-stage. I broke down in tears for the first time that night.

After what I thought was the best night of my life, I stress bought a $60 Sign of the Times sweatshirt and a $25 “program” (it’s literally a book of scanned polaroids from the fall tour) because they ran out of the poster I wanted.

Then we walk outside and I see the poster still for sale there so I drop another $15 for it. So, I spent $100 on merch in the span of 5 minutes. Oops.

Now here’s where my spending habits get questionable but honestly it all ends up fine.

My friend Shakira invites me to go with her and her friends to the Indiana show the next day. Only, Shakira doesn’t wake up and I somehow end up getting in the car with these girls I haven’t met and go to Indiana (More on this later. I promise it’s less sketchy than it sounds).

PS this isn’t the first time I left the state to see One Direction in some capacity.

I venmo one girl $22 for the rental car that we’re driving down that also only cost $15 in gas per person which honestly is a steal for a drive from Detroit to Indianapolis.

Of course, we stop at Chick-Fil-A and I have to eat a $10 chicken nugget meal. We can’t be out here starving when we see Harry for the second night.

Now, at this point, I realistically have no ticket. But, I had the option to venmo a girl who couldn’t go $50 for her ticket. However, that’s not the option I took.

So, we hop back on my dear friend StubHub and find a pit ticket (yes like general admission for Harry Styles) for $450 after fees. And honestly, that’s a great deal compared to what some people paid for them resale because those tickets went quick. So, yes this sounds like a lot of money, it a) could’ve been more money and b) ended up being the best night of my life so who’s the real winner here.

I also had to buy a $5 water and $6 pretzel at the stadium because I thought I was going to die if I didn’t drink water and eat something.

So, there you are. With these numbers, it totals up to a whopping $908 that I spent on Harry Styles. Does my bank account hate me… yes, yes it does.

Do I regret anything that happened? Nope.

3 thoughts on “I Spent Almost $1000 on Harry Styles In Two Days

  1. i’m just trying for more than 2 years to pay for a membership of Harry Styles… but i cant find it how. If you can help me to spend money on Harry Styles (fan stuff, memberships, fees, to His personal bank account??? 🙂 but just help me pls. He is my life !!!!!!! And i’m tellng the truth.

    1. i’m almost doing the same… Harry Styles IS MY LIFE… i need Him to stay alive, i’m serious…. if i’m not going be able to touch a part of His legs or His chest or His face, i wanna stop my life, it’s like that, sorry.

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