Jon Bellion’s Human Connection Tour Pt III – Detroit


I fell in love with Jon Bellion as a performer this summer at AMP Live. As soon as he got off stage in June, I knew I had to see him again. The energy in that show was insane and got me on such a high that I wanted to chase again.

Four months after buying these tickets, the day finally came. In the pouring rain standing on the streets of Detroit, my friends and I waited for two hours. Another one of my friends had gotten in line at 3pm and doors opened at 7pm so how he’s not sick still baffles me.

The rush when doors opened was insane. Everyone was excited to 1) see Jon Bellion, 2) get out of the rain 3) be warm. These girls not wearing coats and people with out protection from the rain had to have been more done by 7 than I was.

Clark Beckham was the first of three opening acts. He was amazing. I have no words to talk about how great of a voice he has. He also had a commanding stage presence even though he stood behind a mic with his guitar.

Travis Mendez, who is also in the Beautiful Mind crew, took the stage to preform his solo material. He is so great I cannot wait to see more of him and his performance is so amazing.

By the time Blaque Keyz took the stage, I was over opening acts, standing there and it being 9pm. While I didn’t give him much of my attention, he was pretty great from what I did watch.

By the time Jon Bellion took the stage it was around 10pm. I was tired but ready.

He took the stage with such a rush with the Beautiful Mind crew. The crowd went wild. Like wild is an understatement, it was crazy.

This energy continued through the entire show.

No matter the track, everyone was screaming and dancing along. The crowd was crazier than at AMP live, probably due to the lack of Hey Violet, Niall Horan, and Noah Cyrus.

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This was probably they craziest show I’ve been to so far in 2017. The energy through the entire show was no match for how tired I was.

I cried to “Human”. That track is like “Invisible” by 5SOS for me and I just have so many feelings with songs that emulate how I feel about life.

One of my favorite moments from the show was “Maybe I Don’t Know” when I was screaming my heart out to the chorus. I have a strange emotional connection to the track that makes me want to scream it out every time I listen to the track. So the catharsis I had was unmatched and my friend/coworker Anthony had to witness that.

My friends that decided not to be in the pit missed out. They stood by the bar and they totally missed out on the true energy of the show. Being that close to the stage has a total change of energy than by the bar.

I cannot wait to see Jon’s new music when he’s finished with his hiatus/break thing because it’s going to be just as great as his previous.

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