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I love finding smaller artists with amazing music, so when I showed up at the Troye Sivan concert and saw and heard LANY for the first time in my life, I turned to my friend and said to her we have to find more of their music as soon as we get in the car. And that’s how I fell in love with LANY.

LANY are a three piece group that formed in March 2014 with members Paul Klein (lead singer and guitar/keyboard player), Jake Goss (drums), and Les Priest (keys, guitar, and vocals). LANY actually stands for Los Angles and New York, as Paul described in aninterview with Teen Vouge.

They have two EP’s out, I Love You and Make Out. Their newest single is Where The Hell Are My Friendsalso their first music video. This was the song that made me desperately want to find out more about them as they played it live but it wasn’t released as a studio recording yet.

They have a very The 1975 vibe music wise but combined with the stage presence of Twenty One Pilots and Halsey. Their music is amazing, but their live performances are insane. All three of them are interesting to watch but Paul just owns the stage. He came bursting out with energy, acknowledged sever times that no one knew their music but wanted us all to dance and have an amazing time anyway, and even got into the crowd. Not only are they going on their first solo tour this spring, but they are also playing a few festivals this summer, like Firefly. Be sure to find out how you can see them live because they’re amazing.

I also wrote about LANY for the second issue of Hashtag Magazine so make sure you also check that out to see what I wrote about them, and a few other of my favorite smaller artists, who I’ve been loving recently. If you’re not following their blog, then you’re missing out. Be sure to check out everything on there!

What other small artists are out there that you listen to that I haven’t found yet? I’d love to check some new people out!


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