Macklemore’s Gemini Tour – Detroit


Remember when I said Jon Bellion was the hypest show I’ve been to this year? Well, he’s been bumped down to number two because let me tell you about Macklemore live.

I don’t know what I was expecting when I walked into The Fillmore (my favorite place in Detroit) on a cold November night, but it was NOT this.

The sold-out crowd was tightly packed into the beautiful venue that is The Fillmore. There was no concept of personal space, which is fine if these four couples didn’t keep leaving and pushing their way back through with six beers at a time.

A very drunk 25+-year-old was in front of me ranting about how her best friend’s boyfriend was mad because they made out. She even gave me a hug and asked me to kiss her for a Snapchat to prove a point. Thank god I got out of that.

When the lights went down, everyone screamed.

When the stage light hit, Eric Nally was on the stage belting “Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight”. At that point, everyone screamed and started belting along with him. After the opening chorus, there was a pause. It was One Direction about to walk on stage intense. It honestly felt like 5 minutes passed before Macklemore walked on stage when in reality it was more like 5 seconds.

Just before the third song in, Macklemore told us about his FaceTime conversation with his daughter. She basically yelled at him for not taking her to Detroit with him and told him it was cold. I love 2-year-old sass.

Macklemore then said this next song was his daughter’s fav- “Marmalade”. How can you not scream along lines like “Toy Story 3, that’s a great fu***ing movie” and the chorus is just too much to not scream out with all your passion.

When “Thrift Store” started I properly lost it. That’s the song (sorry I’m basic) that taught me about Macklemore way back in 2012. So I Snapchatted the entire thing; it was all over my Insta story. If you follow me, I probably annoyed you so hard– I’m not even sorry. You have to know how hard that song goes, let alone live at a sold-out show. He could’ve played it three times in a row and I would’ve never gotten over it.

Before “Same Love” echoed through the venue, Macklemore gave us a speech about #SameLove and everything else happening in the world. Everyone then screamed their hearts out. I haven’t seen that much passion (as I saw multiple times that night and myself included was apart of it) since 5 Seconds of Summer.  I almost cried it was so beautiful when everyone sang out the chorus.

Right after the track ended, Macklemore was nowhere to be found on a dark stage that lit up with scenes from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We all knew what was coming, except for my friend Radvile who was not prepared at all for this concert.

“Willy Wonka” was a track I KNEW was going to have everyone going crazy live when I listened to the album. With Macklemore dressed in a purple coat, true Willy Wonka hat, and cane,  the whole place went wild.

The last song of his main set was the ever iconic “Can’t Hold Us” (PS Apparently I am the only person who knows the second verse in my ENTIRE friend group, is this a normal thing because it’s my favorite part of the song). I lost it yet again and Snapchated my going so hard that my bronchitis flared up so hard and I had an asthma attack and didn’t let it hold me back. The guy behind me was concerned at 1) how hard I was going 2) my documentation of the entire song 3) me having an asthma attack in the middle of a concert and not doing anything about it.

The encore brought “Good Old Days” and “Glorious.”

Macklemore didn’t know that Skylar Gray was here and she came out to perform with him and he was so shocked. I honestly couldn’t see what was happening and didn’t know that she wasn’t supposed to be there until the end.

With a boom, blue and yellow confetti rained down and the show was over.

Honestly, I would totally see him again. The show was lit start to finish and I’m so excited to see what happens next with his music.

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