Meeting Tyler Oakley (again) and the Oakland University Experience


As some of you might know, Tyler Oakley is the one person I look up to and have looked up to know for a few years. He’s my role model, spirit animal, and honestly if you need an intern Tyler, HMU. If I could just sit down and chat with him about career advice, he’d probably know more than the College of Arts and Science Advisors (no shade).

October 5th I was blessed to not only see him give a “lecture” at Oakland University, where I attend college, but meet him twice and volunteer along side him.

In all honestly, I was having a terrible few weeks. It was one terrible thing after another and every day seemed like a chore. Luckily as a Resident Assistant, I have some pretty amazing residents who’d always want to talk or hang out for hours, attend my programs, and are always at floor dinners. And they’re pretty amazing, don’t get me wrong, but life just wasn’t going that great.

I had learned that Tyler was coming to OU in August at RA training and I hadn’t stopped being excited for the month and a half between then and the actual event. I had texted all my friends who also enjoy his videos because I was so excited.

I was even first in line to get tickets for the lecture after a long duty night and a mass amount of homework I had procrastinated on. He even liked my tweet!

It was even to the point as to where I thought about skipping all my classes and avoiding my homework because I had no idea what I wanted to do and felt like I needed to reevaluate my entire existence.

Luckily, my resident found out that he was going to be doing this volunteer voter registration drive before his lecture and knowing how much I admire him, she texted me right away. We assembled a group and the next day headed over. Honestly, me and my residents were the first ones there and were all super excited to volunteer and of course meet Tyler.

We even took a fam selfie with him! When I asked to take the picture with my residents he was like wait you’re an RA, I was an RA! And that moment I was like low key you kinda planted the seed in my head to be an RA last year from some old videos I watched. While I didn’t tell him that, it’s true!

So my residents and I set out to register people to vote, and low key we failed. We got one person, but we had a great time!

Once it came time to the actual lecture, Tyler and Korey Kuhl took the stage and it felt like our own personal Physcobable episode. It was so lovely and informal, just a personal one-on-one with him and the like maybe 300 other people that were there (please don’t quote me on the number, disclaimer).

Trying to explain why he keeps all the cupboard doors open, Tyler and Korey acted out (pretty terribly but like Emmy for trying) a scene for The 6th Sence. Honestly iconic.

Also, Tyler was asked about his favorite memory from college, and talked about this incident he encountered with a hamster while on rounds. After some stuff other RA’s incidents that I’ve heard about, it was #relatable.

He even had a book signing after and while it was a quick ordeal and you couldn’t take a posed picture with him (I mean I have a picture with us and my bomb as hell residents ft. my friend, I was not complaining), he was talking to each person as he signed their book!

All in all, it was a day I needed to realize what I’m doing and who I’m doing it for. I love my major, I’m on track to graduate and do well in my classes, I love being an RA. If it wasn’t for the person who inspires me the most everyday to do some of the things I do, what would I honestly be doing. I’ve made my best friends thanks to the internet and YouTube, I can hopefuly get a job that I enjoy and want to wake up (almost) everyday for.

So Tyler, see you on the internet. ❤️

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