Neck Deep ‘Peace And The Panic Tour’ – Detroit


After spending all of December convincing my friends Joe and Pat (who never listen to me about music), I finally got them to agree to see Neck Deep on tour this winter just as tickets sold out. With classes canceled and a blizzard overtaking the entire state of Michigan, I jokingly checked Facebook to see if anyone was selling tickets.

So this is the story of how my friends and I almost died to see Neck Deep.

Four hours before doors, I purchased tickets off this guy selling his on Facebook as the roads were terrible and he wasn’t going to be able to make it from Canada to Detroit by showtime. With hope that these tickets were legit, my friends and I ventured onto what should’ve been a 30-minute drive and took over an hour to the Majestic Theater in Detroit.

Low and behold we somehow didn’t die or end up in a ditch after fish-tailing down the highway and seeing countless cars stuck in snowbanks. Running down a slush-covered street without coats, Joe wiped out just before the doors to the Majestic. After forgetting my ID, taking the Sharpied X on my hands, and the tickets turning out to be real, we finally wandered into the Majestic Theater and found a place towards the middle of the stage (my fave place to be) and waited another half-hour before the first band of the night took the stage.

Creeper wandered on stage with an all-black attire and little reaction from the crowd at first. This, admittingly, was the band I knew the least about on the entire bill. They had a failed mosh pit (which ended with me closer to the stage) and were supper bass heavy making it hard to hear lyrics or anything happening on guitar and keys, but that’s totally not their issue. I would totally check them out again as they had a killer stage presence despite a handful of the crowd knowing their music.

One of the openers I was most excited to see was Speak Low If You Speak Love. Thier sound totally didn’t fit in with the night, but I loved that. The entire time my friends were like ‘wtf is this’ or ‘does it get any heavier’ met with me saying ‘but it’s great’ and ‘it’s such a great record’. I had revied their latest album, Nearsighted, of Indie Band Guru and loved the overall sound and story of it, so I was pretty excited to see it live. I would love to see a night of just all indie-rock with them headlining.

Seaway was the first time I truly was in a pit. Typically I stand in the back for shows that I know are going to get rowdy, but there was something about this night that I was like screw it and lived it up. I screamed my heart out to “London” and “Lula On The Beach” and got so into it. Wih crowd surfers flying overhead, this was really only the start of what was to come. Also, this dude(who looked at least 20)’s mom totally owned her life and ducked everytime a crowd surfer came overhead and just went with the flow of the crowd shifting, I was shocked she didn’t head to the back after this.

After yet another quick set change, the entire crowd singing along to My Chemical Romance, me doing the macarena to “Hard Times” by Paramore alone, and this dude and I talking about Brockhampton, Neck Deep finally took the stage.

With the rush of the entire crowd pushing forward, I honestly felt like I was suffocating for the first three songs. The rush towards the stage, being pressed body to body against the sweaty high schoolers I soon befriended, and the drunk man that spilled beer all over us, Neck Deep was owning the stage giving the sold-out crowd the show it deserved.

Opening with “Happy Judgement Day” and leading straight into “Lime St.” the crowd was relentless. Constantly shifting, countless crowd surfers, and an undeniable energy by everyone screaming and jumping along, there was truly no break for most of the set.

I learned that their guitarist Sam Bowden plays left handed so I can add that to my small but mighty list of lefty guitarists. That was a big moment for me lol.

Between screaming my lungs off to “In Bloom” and “December,” and somehow ending up like 3 heads from the barricade, by the middle of the set I had taken a shoulder to the face, almost dropped a crowd surfer after these girls decided they were over helping, and my hair was an actual mess, by the middle of the set I was exhausted but kept powering through. I also learned that the lead singer, Ben Barlow, was drinking wine when a stage person came out with the bottle and topped off his cup, to which I yelled “ME AF”.

After thinking about dipping out to the back several times, I somehow survived until the end of the set right where I was and honestly that’s what made the show’s atmosphere for me.

After shedding a tear along to “Wish You Were Here” and completely screaming my heart out to “Part Of Me,” the ringing between the actual set and the encore was real. Everyone was chanting for one more song (which is a lame encore if you ask me), and screaming waiting for the quick return of the band.

The encore ended with “Where Do We Go When” and the entire crowd screaming along to “Rain, rain go away… I just want to get one up on life before it kills me” was honestly one of the highlights of the show to me. Also, there was one crowd surfer after another and I honestly thought I was going to die in that moment.

Honestly, not covering this show for one of the blogs I write for was what I needed in my life. I could be there in the moment (I didn’t Snapchat the entire show, I’m making changes this year lol) and get the stress relief I so desperately needed.

You also need to see Neck Deep and all the other bands if you haven’t. Everyone put on such a great show and yet again Detroit showed me that it’s one of the best places to see a show.

Also, someone made this playlist of (what I believe) was the setlist in the exact order (it’s a blur okay) that you should check out!

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