One Direction – On The Road Again Seattle


OTRA was One Direction’s fourth world tour. I brought in $208,008,704, went to 5 different countries and had 80 shows over the course of the entire tour, even through One Direction lost Zayn in late-March.

I was blessed that my friend Mandy had floor tickets for the Seattle stop of the show on July 15, 2015, which she wanted to share with me. I live in Michigan, so I had to fly across the country just to see One Direction with one of my best friends, but that didn’t stop me.

The night before the concert was filled with making posters, preparing for the fan project that happened during Night Changes, and jamming out the all four One Direction albums. Honestly that night was so fun, minus all the drama that happened with the press releases about Baby Gate (can we not??) , as we we’re jamming out to the artist that brought us together!

The morning of the concert we got up and started getting ready for the long day ahead of us. This including making sure our makeup and outfits were on point, putting on those metallic temporary tattoos (which later caused me hassle going through airport security) and took tons of selfies.

After the almost three hour car ride from Portland, Oregon to Seattle and listening to all the One Direction albums again (you can never get tired of them tbh) and seeing the grassy median on the highway on fire, we finally arrived at the stadium early. So we headed off to get dinner near the stadium. And to be honest this little bar was so Seattle but the food was so gross. They had a total of like six things on their menu and all I ate were french fries.

After that we headed back over to the venue to get hype with all the other fans and the radio stations that were there. So many people commented on Mandy and I’s signs and took pictures of them. We ended up on some radio stations posts and all over Tumblr and Twitter. I was like that’s me and reblogging them every time I saw them.

After the madness of getting in to the stadium and my sign not getting checked (lol at Modest!), we made it to our seats, got some overpriced stadium food, and waited for Icona Pop to come on.

Icona Pop were… interesting. Honestly everyone, me included, knew two of there songs and they we’re trying so hard to get the crowd involved but no one ever really got into it until I Love It was played.

Then, the staff realized that they messed up numbering our entire section of seats so they had to go row by row and flip everyone so One Direction took forever to come on.

Honestly, I loved the entire concert. It was so fun and lively, especially once One Direction finally took the stage. Check out my vlog to see footage of the concert!

Some people think that due to all the Baby Gate drama that was happening, Louis was really involved in the concert as he usually is but I didn’t feel that way at all. You could defiantly feel a sense of on edge during a few sections of the concert between the four of them, but it was never like oh my god Baby Gate drama ruined the entire experience.

I honestly can’t wait for One Direction to come off hiatus and I miss the feeling of waiting all summer to see them live, but when they finally come back it’ll be a great concert.

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Have you been to a One Direction concert? What was your experience like? I’d love to read about how you felt your 1D experience was!


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