An Open Letter To One Direction

Dear One Direction,

I just want to say that I’m so proud of you. I know you probably hear this everyday from any person you come across, but it’s true. You have done some amazing things and as a fan, I’m proud that you’ve done these things.

Like when you made the Red Nose Day single cover of One Way Or Another, raised all that money, and created a music video showing some of the lives you helped while on your trip. I don’t know of any other large scale pop act that would take time and go to Africa to help make a difference in people’s live who don’t even know who you are.

I’m glad you sold out arenas and stadiums. There are so many people who feel like your talent ins’t there and refuse to listen to your music for the sheer face that thousands and thousands of teenage girls love you. To some people, it’s a shock when they hear your song on the radio and like it but then notice it’s your song and hate it. I never understood why people can’t admit that they don’t have to like them or that they can like them. You have worked to make boy bands for the more general audience.

Harry, I want to thank you for helping to destroy stereotypes. I feel like so many people look at you on a daily basis and wonder what the hell you’re about. You came into your own over the last 5 years and I could not be any prouder of you. I remember watching you cry on A Year In The Making about people on Twitter bullying you for you What Makes You Beautiful solo, and now you say fuck the haters. You’ve grown your hair long, and I think it looks lovely on you. You wear traditionally women’s clothing destroying the gender norms given to clothing. You make your sexuality not know but never allow anyone to straight shame you or gay shame you. You have become a beautiful butterfly and the cocoon you emerged from should be shoved up the media’s ass for hating on you for it.

Louis, I want you to know that no matter what media scrutiny you’re under now, we’re here for you. True fans are here for the music and not the drama. While we might get involved in it to try and help protect you and your image, we are in it for your personality and the music. I’m so proud what music you have written and how much your voice has matured in the last 5 years. You’ve grown so much since the colored pants and suspenders days.

Niall, you’ve become such an amazing musician. I’m so glad you stood up and said that you wanted to play guitar more in shows because damn do you rock it. You’ve come so far with your skills on both guitar and your voice. You’ve come out of the background that you originally were pushed into and have become a stage presence to be reckoned with.

Liam, thank’s for always reassuring the fandom when shit hits the fan. From day 1 you were always the one to clear things up. Your TwitLongers were always something I looked forward to reading when you did them. No matter what they were about, I knew that you took your time and heart and poured it into one tweet. I miss the days of Livestreams and Twitcams but you’re a busy boy now, and it saddens me that new fans will never see the day of a new twitcam.

Thank you for giving me an amazing 5 years as a fan. I hope once you all are well rested and have some more amazing songs for us, we get to see you again.

Until then xx

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