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The Plain White T’s are not a band we hear much about anymore. Their hits “Hey there Delilah” and “Rhythm of Love” brought them tons of radio play years ago. But, in 2017 I haven’t heard anything about them.

One day I was on Spotify and for some reason they were in a playlist I was jamming out to. This lead me to wonder if they had any new music and I noticed they had a show coming up in Detroit. Of course I bought tickets because we know I have no control.

October 22, 2017 brought me into Detroit for the first time in a hot second for a concert. The Plain White T’s were playing the MGM Grand Detroit which I had never been to before. Since I currently am not 21 that provided some struggles with finding out how to get in and were to go. The MGM Grand has a casino in it, thus causing issues.

Doors opened at 7pm and when we arrived it was about 7:30 and there were maybe 40 people in the room. A majority were 30+ making me begin to question everything that was about to happen. The Plain White T’s are not what I would believe to be a group older people would like, but maybe I was going to be wrong.

This show was also far from sold out. Pulling up Ticketmaster, we could see just how many open seats there were left. This also inspired us to move up 6 rows because we could.

The show started at 8pm. No opening act or anything, they just took the stage. Not that I was complaining, I’m just so used to sitting there for an extra hour falling in love with whoever is on stage.

When they took the stage, me and and maybe 8 other teens all stood up. It’s a concert and even though we had seats, I’ve always stood at concerts. No one else stood and I was so confused. How were they going to go hard to “Hey There Delilah”?

After a few tracks and watching an older couple get a security person to escort other who moved up back to their rightful seats, I got a little nervous but in a way if I got kicked out of this concert I would’ve just laughed. We were still standing at this point too and a HUGE security guard came up to us and I began to panic. He told us to sit down and I was like we’re at a concert?????? But we sat because we didn’t want to cause any trouble.

We continued to jam out sitting down. They even played “Our Time Now” which I knew from the episode of iCarly they were on. If you have no idea what I’m talking about please enjoy this terrible quality, oddly enough Spanish version of their performance on the show.

They also dedicated a song to Emily, who was sitting behind us and in the standing squad. This sparked the little girl who was maybe 7 to stand up and demand attention. She had a sweatshirt and sparkly had that said her name was Delilah. She was my fave person at this show in front of the man that is for sure a mall Santa.

When they left the stage and I like they can’t be done. They haven’t played their two biggest tracks. Low key it was super quiet before the encore. No one was yelling a handful of people left. Have any of these people been to a show?

Finally they came on stage and talked about “Hey There Delilah” because like everyone should know the words to this song. Everyone stood up and Tom (the mainly frontman) made a comment about it. I laughed because like same.

I embarrassed myself and like scream sang the entire song. Then they stopped and called this guy and his girlfriend/wife out for not standing up and not knowing the words. How they didn’t know the words to “Hey There Delilah” I’ll never know. But the band calling them out was the highlight of this show for me.

The Plain White T’s ended their show with “Rhythm of Love”. I thoroughly embarrassed myself on Instagram stories and Snapchat during this song so if you’re not following me honestly you’re missing out.

This tweet about sums up why you should go to concerts with me.

All in all the Plain White T’s put on an amazing show. The crowd did not do them justice because they were bouncing around and rocking their little hearts out. I would 10/10 see them again in a different venue with a different crowd.

This show was not well promoted. No one knew about it until I talked about it. If it was in a different venue the crowd also would have been completely different. I imagine if this show was at The Shelter, it would be full of 20-somethings like myself having a great time.

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