A Positive Attitude Changes Billboard Magazine Advertising


Working at one of the United States largest music magazines is where Joe Maimone has called home for a decade.

Waking up Monday mornings is a dreadful time for most heading off to their morning commute. For Joe Maimone, Monday mornings are a fresh start to another week working at Billboard Magazine in the heart of New York. Since Oct. 2014, Maimone has worked as the east coast director of sales and enjoys every second.

“There’s a saying that 80% of people hate their jobs,” Maimone admitted. “My goal has always been to be in the 20% who love what they do.”

Billboard Magazine prides themselves as being the most influential music media brand in the world, according to their website. Since being founded in 1894 by William Donaldson and James Hennegan for bill posters, Billboard Magazine has transformed to covering the music industry in weekly magazine issues and sharing on their website. Billboard Magazine’s website explains how brand is built on its “exclusive charts and unrivaled reporting on the latest news, issues and trends across all genres of music.”

Over the course of his career at Billboard Magazine, Maimone has transformed advertising within the publication. “Before, it was only music related advertising,” boasted Mimone, “there were only labels and artists advertising in each issue.”

Maimone developed his love for sales at an early age. His father worked in the sales department at Capitol Records. Accompanying his father on visits to different companies, Maimone’s interest of sales in the music industry was sparked. This lead Maimone to a marketing degree at the University of Dayton.

Being the Director of Sales allows Maimone to “have freedom and not be stuck in an office all day.” Maimone is also often off meeting with company representatives or at conferences, “when many people think of Billboard [Magazine], they think of me.”

Maimone has had an interesting career in sales. He shared how his career began with an internship at WFAM, a sports radio station which morphed into a position at Billboard Magazine in Sept. 1999. After just over six years of hard work as a senior account executive, Maimone left Billboard Magazine in 2005 to work as the director of sales at Marvel Entertainment for six years.

During his time at Marvel Entertainment, Maimone worked with Sam Belil. Belil describes Maimone as, “the absolute type of leader you always want to follow and aspire to be like.” Though Belil works at the USA Today Network currently, he still uses the skills and confidence that Maimone instilled in him while they worked together at Marvel Entertainment.

Maimone was welcomed back to Billboard Magazine with open arms in 2014. “I never burnt any bridges when I left, there was still that respect that I had built for six years before,” explained Maimone.

Mike McHale is one of Maimone’s many clients. McHale explained how much he enjoys working with Maimone. “Joe has always come through for my clients,” vice president and global account director at Empowering Media McHale noted. “He has wonderful follow-through and a great passion for what he does,” McHale added.

All of Maimone’s time with Billboard Magazine has added changed the way the brand works with advertisers. Advertising in the magazine shifted from strictly music based to more consumer based, including cars, fashion, alcohol, etc. “The top 100 advertisers in the world call Billboard,” Maimone boasted.

Maimone hopes the future of his career is staying with Billboard Magazine. “There’s not much left than to be than publisher,” Maimone added.

“I always want to be in that 20%, so I love what I do and enjoy where I work.”

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