I have a problem – My Concert Addiction


I’ll admit it. I have a problem when it comes to concerts.

In 2017 alone, to this day I’ve spent over $600 on concerts. RIP my bank account I know.

However, I never feel shame when I drop money without a second thought on Ticketmaster. I could spend $6 on a shirt and I’d be like “idkkkk maybe I should return it” 20 minutes later. But, that rush of writing the concert in my planner doesn’t make me second guess anything.

Ticketmaster knows me so well I don’t even type in my credit card information for any of my cards. It’s just pick which and enter the three-digit security code on the back and BOOM.

It’s how I ended up with tickets to Lorde for the day after my birthday because why the heck not. It’s how I ended up buying Macklemore tickets one day when I was stressed. Probably, they should remove this feature because it’s draining my bank account faster than I make money.

All of my friends like to make fun of me for how much I spend on tickets or how often I go to concerts. It’s like “woah, you’re at another concert? Shocker!!!!” when they see it on Snapchat or Instagram.

My concert obsession is probably actually a problem. But, I don’t regret it.

For me, the rush of a concert is my favorite feeling. Between waiting in line and being able to talk to just about everyone there (which usually I’m not one to make awkward small talk with strangers) and the rush of the artist taking the stage, everything about concerts is my favorite.

Being in college is stressful. Being a Resident Assistant is stressful. And the only way I’ve found to relieve this stress is going to concerts. So in a way it’s a healthy coping mechanism.

Seeing Alessia Cara and Troye Sivan last fall was probably the reason I made it through the fall semester last year. That was about the most stressful semester of my life (this one is probably worse lol). It was those few hours of being able to not think about classes, deadlines, papers and exams that make it all worth however much money I spent on them.

So yeah, I probably have a problem. But is it really a problem?

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