Review: RadaR’s The Wavelength EP, An Epic First Release

The latest release from indie dance rock band RadaR, takes a mash of funk, punk, and dance based rock and defines their epic sound. Their latest EP, The Wavelength Volume One, which was released on May 17th of this year, give the DC based band a new edge to the music scene.

The EP opens with the chaotic sound of squealing guitars, a powerful and repetitive drum beat, and is juxtaposed with the soft sound of a piano on the track Shell. The nearly five minute track features a chorus with the catchy “I want to be your lover” sang by lead vocalist and key player Charles. Shell is a powerful opening to the EP as it shows the bands strong unity under a fast paced beat and is driven by captivating lyrics.

“Give Up OnThe Now” has a much chiller sound than the opening song. The captivating a repetitive drumming and synth underlay in the verses allow a focus on the lyrics and makes you wonder what is to come. This definitely shows their dance-rock vibes, as the whole vibe of the song makes you want to get up and dance. The song keeps building and building to the “give up on the now” that defines the anthem like chorus.

The third song on the EP, also one of the singles off the EP, is much slower and simpler than the previous two songs. Any features a beautiful piano melody that drives the entire song along with the melodic lyrics. They layering of varied drum beats over the tops show the band’s varied musical backgrounds and how they can come together with their love of rock and roll to create a more acoustic masterpiece for the album.

Confidence has a much lighter feel as compared to Shell. Featuring a light piano sound with matching distorted guitar gives the song that light and airy feel while still staying true to their alternative roots. The chorus is much stronger featuring that same distorted guitar playing powerful chords on almost every beat. Confidence is one of those songs that reminds you of driving down the highway with your best friends late one summer night and will definitely be on repeat for me.

The EP comes to a close with the track titles Rage. This brings together that closing time feel of any album but in very fresh feel that RadaR has given each track on The Wavelength Volume One. This is one of those songs that everyone will get out their phone lights and come together singing along as it’s just an amazing song.

The entirety of The Wavelength Volume One explores fresh ideas on punk, dance, funk and rock all in one place. With their first EP successfully out, there will for sure be more of RadaR to come.

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